How Is the NFL Handling COVID During Playoffs?

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How Is the NFL Handling COVID During Playoffs?

Posted By Eldon Broady     January 25, 2021    


During the early stages of the pandemic, you might recall the NBA utilizing a bubble protocol to keep their athletes safe and COVID free. This tactic worked well, and very few players came down with the virus. In NFL news, it seems that the bubble tactic will not be repeated for their postseason. For now, the NFL views its current COVID protocols as sufficient. Read on to learn about the NFL’s postseason protocols and any changes being made. To find sports news or NFL news, visit this website.

What Are the Additions to Current Procedures?

The bubble is being forgone in favor of current procedures with additional measures taken. Those procedures include players being required to stay in a hotel the night before a postseason game. Daily testing is also done. Any player who is currently isolated will be eligible for games by the time the postseason rolls around, but they will not be permitted to travel or interact with other team members until the isolation period is over. Any individual who tests positive will not be allowed to return to team activities until 10 days of isolation have been completed and they have been evaluated by medical staff.

As of now, no postseason games are going to be canceled, and postponement is being viewed as a last resort. Contact tracing is being done as well, but there have been outbreaks of COVID within the NFL throughout the regular season. Whether the new protocols will be more effective at containing the virus remains to be seen. As far as teams who don’t make the postseason go, the NFL has determined that they’ll be able to decide their own protocols for their team. In short, it doesn’t seem like there will be any huge changes to the protocol, and the NFL schedule should go on as previously determined.

Other NFL News

In other COVID-related NFL news, the Super Bowl is still scheduled to take place February 7.  Commissioner Goodell has mentioned that they will try to allow as many fans to attend as is safely possible, but there is room for changes as the COVID situation develops over the next couple of months.

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