The Working Principle Of Kilo Watt-Hour Meter

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The Working Principle Of Kilo Watt-Hour Meter

Posted By morgan yhddb     January 28, 2021    


With the rapid economic development, we are increasingly inseparable from electricity, whether it is electrical products or others, we need electricity every day. Since we use electricity, paying the electricity bill is an indispensable step, and we also need to know the electricity usage to pay the electricity bill, and the electric meter was invented. However, there are many types of electric meters, and kilo watt-hour meter is just one of them. So do you know how an electric meter works?

The greater the power consumed by the load of the electric meter, the greater the current passing through the current coil, the greater the eddy current induced in the aluminum disk, and the greater the torque that makes the aluminum disk rotate. That is, the magnitude of torque is proportional to the power consumed by the load. The greater the power, the greater the torque, and the faster the aluminum plate will rotate.

Similarly, the working principle of a three phase electricity meter is the same.