How can you keep solar panels clean?

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How can you keep solar panels clean?

Posted By Peter Powell     January 29, 2021    


There are several factors that people should install solar panels as they are good for the environment and energy-efficient. Nowadays, everybody is aware of solar panels and their advantages.People can install solar panels for commercial purposes and in their homes as well. 



How can solar panel services  benefit you?


  • Great reduction in electricity bills as everyone can generate free electricity for their entire system.

  • Can be proven a great investment as it returns great profits in the terms of bill saving.

  • As everybody knows that electricity charges are going higher in the past ten years. In that case, solar panels are very profitable as you can fix your electricity rate and protect against the unpredictable charges and costs of electricity.

  • If you are running a small business solar panels can be proven cost-effective.

  • According to the studies, it is seen that the buildings equipped with solar panels have higher property value at the time of sale.

  • With the growth of demand for solar panels, the solar industry is adding jobs that tend to be higher paying and can not be outsourced.

  • Most Importantly, they reduce the amount of carbon from the environment which will lead to healthy and safe surroundings. 

  • Businesses that are using solar panels as the source of electricity are earning goodwill as they are helping in keeping the environment clean and safe.

  • Employees of the solar industry share in the success and contributions of their organization which creates higher levels of morale in them.


Usually, solar panels require very little maintenance to function.  But if solar panels are blocking sun rays you need solar panel repair companies near me to clean them.Solar panel repair companies will use a periodic light to clean the dirt, leaves, and other debris that are blocking the sun’s rays. When there is heavy snowfall in your area, you will need solar panel maintenance companies near me as snowfall will decrease your solar panel’s energy output.  

If your panels are inclined rainfall will clear away all the dirt and dust from them. But if it is a dry season, the solar panel maintenance companies will suggest you clean them manually. According to their recommendations, you should perform solar panel cleaning between two and four times per day. Cleaning of solar panels doesn’t require too much hard work as they need only a leaf blower or a quick spray with a garden hose to reach them in top condition.


In the winter season, as there is heavy snowfall, you need to be extra careful while cleaning them. Use only lukewarm water to clean the solar panels. A  squeegee with a long handle Can be used to clear snow off from the panels. While you are cleaning the solar panels, one important thing that you should keep in your mind that the panel is made of glass so don’t use too much hot water to clear the snow off as it can make them cracked.


 Some people have solar panels on the ground and some have on the roof.  The only difference between them is that the cleaning process on ground solar panels is easier than roof solar panels. Ground solar panels can be cleaned easily with a broom.

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