Saddle stitch booklet make is easy to use and can be batched

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Saddle stitch booklet make is easy to use and can be batched

Posted By rong hua     February 1, 2021    


The saddle stitch booklet maker refers to binding the inner pages of the printed album into a book, including two major processes: binding and binding:

Subscription is the cost of ordering the inner pages of the picture album. Binding is the processing of the book cover, which is to bind the cover and connect the cover and the inner page.

The main binding forms of picture albums are paperback and hardcover. The binding methods are divided into manual binding, semi-automatic binding and fully automatic binding using a linkage.

Paperback book and saddle stitch binding method:

Saddle stitch binding is a commonly used binding method for books with a small number of pages.

It is named because it needs to be straddled on the stapler when ordering. The saddle-stitched signatures are set with pages. When matching the signatures, start with the folded signatures and place them on the stapler workbench in turn. Finally, put the cover on the top of the triangle bracket.

The number of samples P for saddle stitch binding should be a multiple of 4. When ordering a picture book (page number below 48), special attention should be paid to the design of the page number. Books with more than 50 pages (100 pages).

Saddle stitch binding advantages: low binding cost, convenient and fast, easy to look through, economical.

Goal: Simple and easy to use, can meet the needs of small batch, multi-batch, short version variable picture album, black and white booklet binding.

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