MMOexp: The Lands Between is vast

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MMOexp: The Lands Between is vast

Posted By Le Aventurine     Apr 25    


Utilize Torrent for Travel: Torrent, your spectral steed, not only allows for Elden Ring Runes fast travel but also provides added defense during combat. Practice fighting on horseback to gain an advantage in certain battles and to quickly navigate the expansive world.
Gather Resources: Collecting resources from defeated enemies and scattered locations is crucial for crafting items and earning runes, the game's currency. Keep an eye out for plants and other materials as you explore.
Navigate with the Map: The Lands Between is vast, so use your map to uncover key locations such as bosses, dungeons, and merchants. Leave markers for points of interest and utilize shacks and campfires for rest and exploration.
Seek Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears: Golden Seeds near golden trees increase your Sacred Flask charges, while Sacred Tears found at churches enhance your healing abilities. These items are valuable for surviving tough encounters.
Discover the Flask of Wondrous Physick: This unique healing item, found at the Third Church of Marika, offers additional healing and buffs. Experiment with different Crystal Tears for varying effects in cheap Elden Ring Items combat.