There Is An Introduction of Types of Hydraulic Air Bottle Jacks

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There Is An Introduction of Types of Hydraulic Air Bottle Jacks

Posted By Ming rui     February 5, 2021    


Bottle Jacks
Also known as hand jacks, hydraulic air bottle jacks prove an easy way for individuals to lift a vehicle for roadside service or inspection. Bottle jacks widely range in size and lifting capabilities from 45 kilograms to several tonnes. Bottle jacks use a vertical shaft, which supports a bearing pad that directly holds the weight of the load as it’s lifted.

Trolley/Floor Jacks
Trolley jacks, also known as floor jacks, are unlike bottle jacks which operate vertically. The shaft in a floor jack is horizontal - it pushes on a crank that connects to a lifting pad, which is then lifted vertically. These jacks provide a much greater range of vertical lift than bottle jacks and are available in two main sizes - small and large.

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