Animal Crossing: A Holiday Gift Between Lovers

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Animal Crossing: A Holiday Gift Between Lovers

Posted By zhang hua     February 5, 2021    


In real life, Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday. Lovers will give each other gifts and beautiful flowers, which is very romantic. The event of Animal Crossing ushered in Valentine's Day. Just listen to the name, this event is very attractive.

Every year Animal Crossing celebrates many seasonal events. Many seasonal events go back and forth between game players. Every event has its special features, and you should collect these things within a limited time. ACBellsBuy stores will sell items that need to be collected, such as ACNH Bells. Celebrating Valentine's Day in Animal Crossing, first collect a series of Valentine's Day situations. Valentine's Day will be held on the last major holiday before the first anniversary of the game.

Valentine's Day does appear, but compared to past seasonal events, it seems insignificant. Easter, Christmas, and Halloween have all received major events. Players can collect animal crossing Valentine's Day items here. Players can also collect colorful feathers on the island to collect furniture and items.

Since there are absolutely no major events on Valentine's Day, players will be able to obtain Valentine's Day items in the event of an update. After installing the update, players will be able to restore items. Buy ACNH Bells can complete Valentine's Day missions and get rewards the first time. They will deliver the product to the player's home the next day. In previous games, players can buy a box of decorative chocolates.

The version of Valentine's Day is updated during the holidays so that players can spend more time in the game. Players in real life cannot spend the holiday in real life, but they can enjoy a good time with their loved ones in the game. Since Valentine's Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year, in any case, players can have a good time with their loved ones.