which may potentially help me with this procedure?
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which may potentially help me with this procedure?

Posted By Ding best     February 5, 2021    


I have trained with this game for RuneScape gold over a week just to receive the necromancer kits to work with on my Dagon Hai robes. I have 30 fine cloths in my bank waiting to use. All I want now is just three of the kits to use on every respective peice of my Dagon hai robes now, but I am having such a challenging time obtaining any keys into the golden chests that"may" or"may not" include these fabled kits.

I have seen people using the Necromancer Robes and they have informed me that they have received them from the mini-game, but I find it so complicated to obtain any for myself. Can anyone please tell me anything which may potentially help me with this procedure?

Additionally if anybody is interested in selling some other FIYR remains, magical pyre logs, magical logs, and sacred oil, please don't hesitate to log in and add"arkanavamper", and allow me to know if you'd like to make a trade. I will purchase the Fiyr remains for 6.5k- 7k each, based on how many you need to offer.

Well I have broken the gold key myth- now I received two golden keys within burning just 50 fiyr color stays. I thought the chances in getting a gold secret had been 1/100 but that might mean you would only receive a gold key within burning at least 100 stays, But I obtained two keys within burning than 50 remains, making the chances impossible to speculate. It could be 1/25 or 1/1000000, since it changes with no dependent facets. The sole true variable it depends upon is hope and determination.

As many here know in my Sals Log or in-game, I'm attempting to acquire 136cb using untrimmed herblore. I'm currently level 134. To accomplish this goal, I want 2 more summoning levels and 98 strength and defense. I'm still ~1.1M off 99hp, so I can Glacor the charms for 92 without a difficulty at all. What IS/COULD be an issue is both combat 98's. That leads to my question. I have never been a significant min-gamer (besides barrows), I am imagining IF I were to win every match, that is 9 zeal/hr.

Having said that, SW is indeed packed with W44 and also the winning side is obviously full. Does anybody know of tie worlds/lesser crowded worlds/tips for getting in on the winning side inw44? Also, frankly, is it worthwhile? Or Old School RS Gold if I just keep scaping and once I purchase 99hp it has trimmed. I enjoy the untrimmed as hell, it is one of the few ways one can differ on RS and not just be another standard lvl 130+ clone. However, do you will think it's worth it? Honestly, don't say exactly what you think I need to hear, just your honest opinion.