China Otse Villa Elevator Lighting

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China Otse Villa Elevator Lighting

Posted By otsed talex     March 8, 2019    


PLC control is a shorthand for English "Programmable Logic Controllers", which can be used to program logic controllers. It is mainly used in early industrial fields and is also the main control method of elevators. In the 1980s, when the microcomputer control system appeared, PLC control only used simple freight elevators in the elevator field, but it was basically eliminated by the microcomputer control system in the passenger elevator field. Therefore, the selection of the fine computer control system is correct. s Choice
The household elevator with variable frequency variable pressure adjustment drive is selected to make it more comfortable, stable and energy-saving. The choice of traction household elevator is VVVF traction machine and inverter drive configuration.
The biggest difference between LED lighting and traditional spotlights or incandescent lamps is brighter, more environmentally friendly, and longer lasting.
Try to choose a home elevator with automatic rescue device (break level layer) and automatic dialing device
Private elevators are different from public elevators and are used by a single home. Therefore, the home elevator puts forward higher requirements on safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family. If there is a sudden power outage or malfunction in the elevator, the Villa Elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration is selected. Provide maximum security for your family. Of course, manufacturers will also ask for additional equipment costs.