When Is A Stretcher Elevator Lift Required?

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When Is A Stretcher Elevator Lift Required?

Posted By otsed talex     March 11, 2019    


A stretcher Elevator Lift is required in all buildings with four or more stories above or below grade plane per the IBC. This elevator must accommodate a 24" by 84" ambulance stretcher in the horizontal open position and have an off-centered door with a minimum Capacity of 3,500 pounds.
Elevator lift speed requirements vary based on elevator type and number of stories. For most three- to five-story hotels, the speed is approximately 100–200 feet per minute. Most major franchises also have minimum requirements for elevator speed that must be met.
Typically, hoteliers select their elevator brand based on price, reputation, and service/maintenance availability. Most major elevator brands have service support available in all major cities, but for more rural locations, service availability should be a consideration.