Do you understand the shower faucet?

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Do you understand the shower faucet?

Posted By yu son     March 11, 2021    


Shower Faucets: It is the water valve of the tap water pipe, which is opened or closed by the rotating device to control the flow of hot and cold water.

So, what is the principle of the shower faucet?

The following is the working principle of thermostatic shower faucet:

There is a heat sensitive element inside the hot and cold water mixing outlet of the thermostatic faucet. The change of water temperature causes the heat sensitive element to expand or contract. The ratio of the cold and hot water inlet is adjusted in a continuous manner, so that the outlet temperature is maintained at the set temperature value. Affected by changes in hot water temperature, increase or decrease in water consumption, or changes in water pressure.

With the rise of water prices, people have to pay attention to the water saving of faucets. Usually, an ordinary faucet and a water-saving faucet have a greatly different water output. The water-saving faucets on the market can open and close hundreds of thousands of times without leaking a drop of water. Compared with the old faucets, it can save water by 30-50%.

Such as ceramic chip, variable distance, self-closing and other high-tech new faucets, tightly closed, sensitive, and the closing speed is only one-tenth of the old faucet, the water saving effect is significant, and the latest water-saving faucet has The new design can adjust or remove the water-saving device installed in the faucet by itself, freely switch and control the water-saving rate, thereby enhancing the water-saving effect.

Shower faucet installation:

Under normal circumstances, the shower head and the faucet are installed and used together, the faucet is 70-80 cm from the ground, the shower column height is 1.1 meters, the length of the faucet and the shower column joint is 10-20 cm, and the height of the shower head from the ground is 2.1-2.2 Meters, consumers should fully consider the size of the bathroom space when buying. The shower faucet can be installed on the wall, or installed in the wall, with only the handle exposed, or installed on the bathtub.

Shower faucets are classified according to installation methods: wall-mounted and in-wall shower faucets. Wall-mounted shower faucet: installed on the wall, the faucet body, water divider, connecting pillars, etc. all protrude from the wall. In-wall shower faucet: Only the handle protrudes from the wall, and most of the pipes and water dividers connecting the faucet are buried in the wall, which is invisible from the appearance.

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