What are the particularities in choosing bathroom mirrors?

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What are the particularities in choosing bathroom mirrors?

Posted By yu son     March 12, 2021    


The love of beauty is common to everyone, and mirrors are an important tool for grooming and grooming, and they often appear in every space in the home. Among them, the bathroom is indispensable for mirrors, but because the bathroom is humid and there is more water vapor, the choice of bathroom mirrors is slightly different from the choices of mirrors in other spaces. Let's take a look at how to buy a qualified bathroom mirror?

First understand and distinguish the types of bathroom mirrors

Before purchasing a product, we must first understand the classification of the product. So below, in order to choose a high-quality and suitable bathroom mirror, let's first take a look at the classification of bathroom mirrors.

Bathroom mirrors are divided by material: aluminum mirror, silver mirror

Aluminum mirror: Use high temperature to directly vaporize solid aluminum, and then spray the gaseous aluminum onto the glass surface. When the gaseous aluminum meets the cold glass, it solidifies directly into solid aluminum, forming an aluminum film on the glass surface, and then coating it with waterproof paint , The aluminum mirror is formed.

Silver mirror: After chemical reaction, silver nitrate, ammonia water, etc. are used to reduce the silver ions to metallic silver and cover the glass surface, and then apply waterproof paint to form a silver mirror.

To sum up, in addition to the price, silver mirrors are completely defeated by aluminum mirrors. Consumers tend to choose high-quality silver mirrors, and because the appearance of silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors are very similar, many unscrupulous merchants take the opportunity to charge "silver" with "aluminum". Therefore, consumers are reminded to distinguish the real silver mirror based on the difference between the two mirrors listed above when purchasing.

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