12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery (also known as \"gel battery\") is a sealed, valve-regulated lead-acid deep cycle battery

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12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery (also known as "gel battery") is a sealed, valve-regulated lead-acid deep cycle battery

Posted By wanlong changshu     March 16, 2021    


  "Sealed lead-acid batteries" are misleading. A sealed battery may pose a safety hazard, because the battery may be exposed to the danger of overvoltage, which may cause the battery to be overcharged.

  There is always a safety valve, hence the name "valve control". Even the term "valve regulation" doesn't really describe the technology. These are actually "reconstituted" batteries. This means that most of the oxygen released on the positive electrode will recombine with the hydrogen prepared to be released on the negative electrode, thereby preventing moisture loss. This valve is a safety function only when dangerous amounts of hydrogen are produced.

  The lead-acid battery is full

  A battery full of lead-acid or a wet battery is the oldest rechargeable battery still in use. This type of battery contains liquid in an unsealed container. This means that the battery must be placed upright and in a well-ventilated area to ensure the safe distribution of the hydrogen generated by the battery during overcharging. The power supply of lead-acid batteries is also heavy.

  Batteries filled with the lead-acid need to be monitored regularly and replenished with distilled water. Despite these shortcomings, a fully charged battery still has a high inrush current, is easier to troubleshoot, and is relatively inexpensive.

  Gel battery

  12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery (also known as "gel battery") is a sealed, valve-regulated lead-acid deep cycle battery with gel electrolyte. Unlike submerged lead-acid (wet battery) batteries, these batteries do not need to be placed vertically.

  Gel batteries almost eliminate the evaporation of electrolyte, the common overflow (and subsequent corrosion problems) that lead-acid batteries are filled with, and have greater resistance to extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations. Therefore, they are usually very suitable for cars, ships, airplanes, and other motor vehicles.

  Lithium-Ion Battery

  Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers’ lithium-ion batteries are completely different from traditional deep-cycle batteries and have triggered a revolution in the field of grid-connected residential energy storage. We have created another more in-depth article on this topic. Please consult our household battery storage guidelines. You can also view our range of next-generation household battery systems.