Life and reliability of 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery

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Life and reliability of 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery

Posted By wanlong changshu     May 11, 2021    


  Unlike a starter battery (your car battery is a good example) that provides an initial burst of energy and maintains a continuous charge level, a deep-cycle battery is designed to release most of its capacity. If you plan to power your application for a long time, the quality of the deep-cycle battery is critical.

  In recent years, lithium-ion technology has become a popular deep-cycle battery choice in marine, RV, lighting, and other applications. Its lightweight form factor, fast charging speed, and long battery life make it a logical choice.

  When choosing a 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery from Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers, please consider the following lithium-ion factors.

  Weight and dimensions

  If you plan to use deep-cycle batteries on a boat or RV, weight and size are important considerations. On these boats or RVs, you need to run several different electronic applications for a long time.

  Compared with similar lead-acid batteries, the 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery is lighter in weight and energy-intensive. When considering the total weight and balance of the application, lighter and smaller batteries provide you with greater flexibility.

  But don't be deceived: Although lithium-ion is smaller and lighter, its energy efficiency means that it performs better than lead-acid (and in all cases better), but is only a fraction of lead-acid in size.


  Li-ion deep-cycle batteries charge faster than lead-acid batteries. For applications that require charging time (such as all-terrain vehicles (ATV), ship power, and other entertainment applications), it is very important to be able to charge and start using them as soon as possible. The charging speed of lithium is 2 to 3 times that of lead-acid.

  Lithium batteries can also be fully charged in one stage, making the charging process easy. Lead-acid batteries must be charged multiple times to reach their maximum capacity and require active maintenance.

  Life and reliability

  Perhaps the biggest advantage of lithium-ion deep-cycle batteries is their long life and low maintenance life. High-quality lithium-ion batteries do not need to be refilled with water, and can usually last up to 10 years for car owners, which is several times the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

  Lithium-ion batteries also lose a small amount of energy during storage and will discharge themselves. If you want to store the battery in winter and take it out again when you encounter waves or mountain slopes, you don’t need to waste time caring for the battery to recover.

  More importantly, if you need a backup battery to power an emergency generator, lithium-ion is a reliable choice. When using lead-acid alternatives, you run the risk of running out of backup batteries when needed.

  To ensure quality performance and best service life, it is very important to choose a lithium deep-cycle battery suitable for your application. Do not attach the trigger to the new battery before consulting an expert to evaluate the specifications of the application and recommend the best and most cost-effective option.