China Passenger Elevator  Control Technology

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China Passenger Elevator Control Technology

Posted By otsed talex     March 20, 2019    


Driven by the development of science and technology, elevator technology will produce a variety of new changes, new features, and its recent major development trends have the following:
(1) The control system of the elevator will widely adopt advanced large-capacity microcomputers and technologies using parallel processing of multiple microcomputers to improve the control performance of the elevator. In a high-rise building where multiple elevators are coordinated, each elevator's control system will have the ability to manipulate and control the operational scheduling of the entire elevator group. This makes the China Passenger Elevator  signal system more reliable, more flexible, more efficient operational coordination and greater security. A data processing system consisting of serial communication and optical fibers will be used in elevator signal transmission. This technology can greatly reduce the amount of well wiring, avoid external electromagnetic interference, and improve the reliability of signal transmission.
After adopting high-performance microcomputer, the service response mode of the elevator will be fully intelligent. During the elevator operation, the computer will quantitatively summarize the changes of passenger flow at each tier by self-analysis of daily signals and passenger flow, so that it can predict And the scheduler that automatically adjusts the run of the ladder to minimize passenger waiting time. At the same time, it can improve operational efficiency.
(2) The progress of the theory and technical level of AC speed control and drag control will continue to expand the application range of AC motors in elevator dragging. Elevator AC drag will continue to develop in the direction of high efficiency, high speed and high precision.
Elevators that are directly dragged by linear motors will gradually enter the world market. This kind of drag technology does not need to set up the machine room on the top floor of the building to save the building area; direct drag can reduce the transmission energy consumption; reduce the moving parts can reduce the wear and improve the working reliability of the mechanical parts; reform the friction traction structure, The wear of the wire rope is greatly reduced, and the life and safety factor of the wire rope are greatly improved. This dragging technology will be further developed.