Sanrio Amiibo card is here

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Sanrio Amiibo card is here

Posted By Seysme attat     March 19, 2021    


The Sanrio Amiibo card for Animal Crossing comes with pompom items, My Melody items, Little Twin Stars items, Keroppi items, Hello Kitty items, and Cinnamoroll items. In the latest version 1.9.0, the six villagers' Sanrio character themes will also bring more different flavors to the island.

Chai-a elephant inspired by Cinnamoroll / Chelsea-a deer inspired by My Melody / Étoile-a sheep inspired by Little Twin Stars / Marty-a cub inspired by Pompompurin / Rilla-a gorilla inspired by Hello Kitty / Toby-a rabbit inspired by Keroppi

Unfortunately, there is no clear news about the supply of Sanrio Amiibo cards. However, collecting Sanrio Amiibo cards and importing them can also be compatible with the New Horizons version. Fans in the United States can buy cards at Target for $6 after March 25. Is it not worth mentioning compared to the cost of your Buy Animal Crossing Bells?

After the player gets the card, you can invite the Sanrio villagers to live on your island according to the normal invitation method of the Animal Crossing Amiibo card. Choose your card and go to the Nook Stop at the Resident Service in the game. Select the "Invite Amiibo Campers" option, and then scan the selected card to complete the invitation. Of course, as before, you need to prepare enough furniture and a suitable living place for them. Are your ACNH Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets still sufficient?

The housing problem of the villagers is solved, and it is time to unlock our Sanrio Amiibo card for our furniture, clothes, floor, and wallpaper. The "Invite Amiibo Camper" option in the Nook of Residential Services is where we can get Sanrio items. Then choose 5 items from the Nook Shopping app to buy! Do you remember the promotion of special products? Of course, if you can't wait to receive the goods the next day, or want to buy multiple items at once, you can buy ACNH Items on the website MMOSO.

Before I knew it, I had spent a year in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The external environment of the pandemic means that we can only live at home. Fortunately, the release of this game allows us to experience life, experience design, and experience the feeling of creation.