Fortnite has become among the most popular games

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Fortnite has become among the most popular games

Posted By Sle trry     March 26, 2019    


The 14 Days of Fortnite are back after a bit of an unceremonious end followed by a fan backlash and an apology. No,fortnite materials it is not Christmas anymore, but you can enjoy the stylings on challenges that are holiday-themed and the conflict bus with a slew of rewards. For how to resolve all of the challenges check out the guide article here of Erik Kain. Now we'll talk about one that might be tripping you up in case you're a participant: Day 10, which asks one to land tricks at a vehicle at different named places.

You're going to need a vehicle to begin with. The ATK can do in a pinch, although the quadcrasher is the buddy. You can even use a shopping cart though my guess is that a lot of new players don't necessarily even know you can ride one of these items in case you are feeling frisky.

You can! At this point, however, I'm not completely certain why you'd want to.Note that the challenge only asks you to land a trick, not accumulate points. Don't feel the need to go nuts here: a simple jump with an easy landing will do as long as it strikes the little point counter at the lower right.

All you need is a ramp, which you can handily build yourself. Drive over it with enough speed to get the Quadcrasher fastest way to get fortnite weapons can boost, so that helps-- and sail back down to ground. If you don't create the landing, so 15, the trick won't count does it.

Wash and repeat in termed locations. If you have done a trick therefore try to keep track of where you to proceed and where you have been. If you receive a few in one sector of this map and then perish, best to start on the other side of things. There are a ton of points of interest in Fortnite, maybe not all of which have names. So ask your map to make sure that your destination has some white text above it.Completing the battle will net you the Holiday Stormwing spray in addition to a small check mark in your own challenge list, which is basically what I live for.

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