What Are The Characteristics Of Milk Velvet Printed Blanket

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What Are The Characteristics Of Milk Velvet Printed Blanket

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     March 25, 2021    


In the past two years, milk velvet fabrics have gradually been integrated into various styles of fashionable women's clothing, such as milk velvet down jackets, milk velvet pleated skirts, milk velvet suits.....It is a fashion item that Ms. Aimei must manually! Soft waxy and smooth velvet fabric not only has good air permeability, soft and soft texture, good resilience, and its unique style and special velvet feel, so it is favored by the fashion industry. It is understood that after the printing process of this kind of fabric, it is even more high-end and elegant, completely breaking the dullness and singleness of winter clothing. Also, besides clothes, a milk velvet printed blanket is also one of the most popular items.

The three-dimensional microporous structure of the milk velvet fabric fiber and the groove structure on the longitudinal surface determine the fiber's characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer: it is made into a light fabric in summer, which can quickly absorb moisture and sweat from the skin and quickly diffuse into the air. , Keep the skin dry and breathable; in winter, it is made into a thick fabric, and the micropores absorb the heat emitted into the body, effectively blocking air circulation, preventing cold air from intruding, and light and warm.

In addition to a milk velvet printed blanket, PV plush blanket is also very popular.