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Posted By jack wyatt     March 27, 2021    


Imagine you started your own business but the only thing that is stopping you to achieve your goals is your content which is considered as the base pillar for your marketing and creativity because apparently, a person would like to spend their time reading some interesting content instead of something bland and time-wasting.
Any business would face a tough time looking for a writer that knows how to create content that attracts its users. You’ll find plenty of jobs here and there hiring a ‘professional’ writer, Honestly, they sometimes lack the taste in that, for that reason I have some really good options and opinions for you to look upon on,

 Sip your tea or coffee amigos! Let’s start!

I think the most vital part of their content should be that strong vibe you get from your topic you are writing on, and my confidence, I don’t mean seriousness in your content, not be a comedian but too serious content turns everything off it’s better to sleep through. I think the voice when a writer is doing their job should be on the level where the user enjoys reading, strategy, marketing techniques and creativity is the soul of a good writer especially the ones who do business promos and stuff.
Interesting, humorous, and creative yet professional mind writer is what you should start looking for in the very first place.

If you have an editor team among your business teams then you’re stress-free BUT if you don’t then make sure the writer you hire should have a good grasp at their grammar and they avoid errors in their content, also, it’s not necessary to know English for your content there are great content writers who are specialized with their mother language and are very good at their work but talking about universal language then English with a thousand types of writing rules, the person needs to be aware of what they’re writing. Every common writer often makes typo but in professional ways, it should be rare.


Another vital point I want you to notice is their creativity, as I mentioned earlier it should be creative as well as humorous, obviously not every topic they will get will be interesting but at this point, it’s the responsibility of the writer to make it as eye-catching as they can! They also should know what their audience wants from them that will capture attention.


A professional content writer knows the soul of content they write, they know how to slope down their content that impresses the audience, which type of content works for news, blogs, emails and stuff and they know which type of audience they’ll interact with and according to that, they give they're writing a particular angle. They know the basic words that will be used on your search engine and they plan their strategy according to your preferences.
You need a person who is dedicated to the work they are up to, so you can make a long term relationship with them and trust them with their work. Someone who knows exactly what they are writing and not a lazy person who runs away from work and they have a depth of knowledge.

I skimmed through some websites which hire professional writers and their terms and preferences plus they have their own evaluation team for checking up the writers. Pros of having a professional content writer will give you the love you want from Google, relevant and quality content is a huge plus point,

 “Google doesn't want you to ‘phone in’ your content or submit anything half-baked.  They state “We will consider the MC [main content] of the page to be very high or highest quality when it is created with a high degree of time and effort, and in particular, expertise, talent, and skill”. Sources

Unlike common content writers, professional writers are honed over years of hard work and practice with their special skills like the ones working in marketing associations and are also well qualified, some are also journalists and reporters, Moreover, they will see your business objectively and will highlight the pros of your company that outlines the value of your work.

Talking about some competitions, suppose you have a good quality product like the best one in the world and your rival company has great writers, now guess who will get the heart of customers? Exactly, it’s the game of words, best products, best writers plus the professional ones, now you know you are going to rock it!

In the upcoming years of this generation with technology getting its peak more and more online marketing and businesses are getting on the top, you really need to start investing in your writers, give everything the opportunity to succeed and don’t let your competitors get over you! I wish my content guided you a lot, Thank you so much and hope your tea/coffee was tasty :)


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