5 Self Defense Skill Everyone Must Master

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5 Self Defense Skill Everyone Must Master

Posted By Haseeb Uddin     March 30, 2021    


The world is not an ideal place and where there are good people, it is also filled with bad people who would go any measures to hurt the other person for their own benefit. Especially when it comes to violence such as rape, murder, kidnaping or theft, everyone should be able to protect themselves a bit from these bad aspects of our society.

This is why many primary schools and gyms teach self-defense as a part compulsory part of the life. Starting from an early age children are taught karate, quick reflexes and what not to make sure their brains respond to danger abruptly and they are saved from any bigger damages on the way.

If you haven’t had any self-defense lessons or had some then there are few tricks you need to check out to make sure you are not missing on the important stuff.

1.   Elbow Strike

To brace for a potent blow, stabilize your heart and legs. At the elbow, bend your arm and move your weight forward. The aim is to hit the attacker, using your elbow, in the throat, ear, or temple. This can cause their grip to stagger or loosen, giving you the time you need to get away.

2.   Groin Strike

If anyone comes at you directly, this can be an effective way of stopping his influence. You'll need to stabilize yourself as best you can for this, and as your attacker approaches, drive your dominant leg forward. The primary issue is not to tip over from their weight. If the attacker is in front of you, this procedure can also be done in close quarters by thrusting your knee up and down.

3.   Escaping a Bear Hug

It's important that you are able to escape this place if your attacker has you in a bear hug from behind. It becomes more difficult for your attacker to pick you up if you can move your weight forward. It also provides a room cushion where you can start throwing your elbows behind you, allowing him to loosen his grip. If you can turn to face your attacker, you are free to use a groin kick from above or any of the techniques of self-defense.

4.   Learn to use weapon

This is not for children or not even one of our primary preferences. If you are an adult, a single mother or a father then you must be equipped with the use of weapon just for defensive purposes. Start by getting a license for your self-defense weapon and a personality test to ensure you do not panic and use a weapon as your first priority. It’s better to consult a psychologist or a weapon company to rule out your chances of whether you really need a weapon or not.

You can also use the Nordic components coupon code which is a famous weapon store that can tell you more about self-defense and the need of weapon. The coupon allows you save up to 50% or more.

5.   The Heel Palm Strike

The purpose here is to catch an off-guard intruder. You want to flex or stretch your wrist into your dominant hand for this pass. Aim it at either the nose or the chin of the attacker. Step upwards as you stretch your arm for this, and pull back quickly. It may cause the attacker to stagger backwards when this impact is implemented properly.

6.   The Basic Hammer Strike

Often, to protect yourself, you can just have what's in your pockets. The good news is that your car keys can be amazingly helpful. They can even help you to prevent a punch from harming your hands. If you thought your life may be at risk in an awkward situation, hold your keys so they stick out under your fist. You should push your arm forward and downward toward your target, main first, if an intruder approaches.