Importance of Early Educational Years

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Importance of Early Educational Years

Posted By Haseeb Uddin     April 22, 2021    


Early years are very important in a child’s years. The impressions they get, the influence they have and the things they are taught all become a part of their personality, attitude and manners later in the life.

We all have been guilty of blaming a child for their inappropriate habits and beating them when they act up or calling adults sick or psychos but the truth is it’s all a result of bad parenting. As parents you have a responsibility to create and build strong individuals and people who are kind and emphatic.

Moreover, Neurological evidence indicates that the early years play a crucial role in the brain development of infants. From a very early age, babies start to learn about the world around them, including during the prenatal, perinatal and postnatal periods (immediately before and after birth).

Children's early experiences profoundly impact their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development, the relationships they form with their parents are their first learning experiences. The biggest investment we can make as a society in ensuring their potential success is maximizing the early years of children's lives.

Use Early Education Wisely

While home is the biggest influence on a kid many children are affected negatively because of a poor selection of the early school. Maybe the school you chose for them is too strict maybe they are an introvert who doesn’t do well with strict behavior. Or maybe the teaching method is not that simple to make your child feel understood especially when they need extra attention.

While it is understood that a parent wants to only choose the best educational institute for their children you need to be a little more analytical. Search through various schools to find the best one for you. Consult with your neighbors or experienced people in this regard.

You can also use the kumon promo code if you are worried about the enrollment fee when it comes to getting your kid in a good institute.

Interact With Them

Communication is the key of any strong relationship. Whether you are a parent or a person in a relationship if you do not communicate you are not going to get good outcomes.

Whenever you feel your kid is acting up try to communicate with them. If they refuse to go to school they once loved or don’t like to play with a kid out of a sudden ask them what’s wrong. They are not being stubborn or weird. Children do not know manipulation they express what they feel because it makes them feel bad not because they are being weird about it.

Forgive Them

A thing that may seem like a big deal to you might be just fun for a child. He didn’t know you would be this upset upon drawing on your important paper when you wouldn’t have reacted the same way if it was just an ordinary paper.

The difference here is our reactions are perceived by our losses and a child does not understand that. You might want to react in a rational way. For example if they wrote on a wall tell them gently that it’s a bad habit rather than going all mad just because you spent hundreds of dollars on the paint recently.

Treat children with compassion and they will learn compassion.

Treat Them Equally

What would you do if an adult made a mistake? Ask them the reasons or talk to them nicely because you treat them as a grown up person who is capable of understanding. But why would treat a child any differently. Children need to be acknowledged and treated with respect. They must not be seen as someone inferior than you or someone weaker than you.

Try to be understanding and not all powerful when dealing with a kid. A kid is not tool to take your frustration out.


  • alex jacob
    alex jacob  · June 24, 2021
    Pretty good post. I have just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading your blog posts very much. I am looking for new posts to get more precious info. Big thanks for the useful...  more
    • Haseeb Uddin
      Haseeb Uddin  · June 24, 2021
      Thanks Alex!