How to Choose Truck Parts?

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How to Choose Truck Parts?

Posted By Ben Woo     April 1, 2021    


How do choose truck parts to save time and effort? As the saying goes, trucks are the second wife of truck drivers. Card friends who earn money from trucks also take good care of their cars. Because trucks often pull goods, in order to achieve maximum benefit, parts are updated frequently. How to choose truck parts?

1. See if the geometric dimensions are deformed

Some truck parts are prone to deformation due to improper manufacturing, transportation, and storage. Therefore, when inspecting, you can roll the shaft part along the glass plate to see if there is light leakage at the joint between the part and the glass plate to determine whether it is bent. When purchasing the clutch-driven disc steel plate or friction plate, you can use the steel plate and friction plate. Hold it in front of your eyes and observe whether it is warped. When purchasing an oil seal, the end face of the oil seal with a frame should be in a perfect circle, which can be fitted with the flat glass without bending, and the outer edge of the oil seal without a frame should be straight. Hold it by hand to make it deform, and it should be able to return to its original shape after letting go. When choosing various types of gaskets, pay attention to checking the geometric size and shape.

2. See if the joint is flat

During the transportation and storage of truck parts, due to vibration, bumps, burrs, indentations, breakages or cracks are often generated in the joints, which affect the use of parts. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing.

3. See if the protective surface is intact

Most of the accessories are coated with a protective layer when leaving the factory, such as the piston pin and bearing bush are protected with paraffin, the surface of the piston ring and cylinder liner is coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper, and the valve, piston, etc. are soaked in anti-rust oil and then packaged in a plastic bag. If it is found that the sealing sleeve is damaged, the packing paper is lost, or the anti-rust oil or paraffin wax is lost during the purchase, it should be returned.

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