How to Troubleshoot the Clutch
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    • Last updated May 12, 2021
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How to Troubleshoot the Clutch

Posted By Ben Woo     May 12, 2021    


As an assembly part directly connected with the engine in the automobile drive train, the clutch is an assembly part directly connected with the engine in the automobile drive train. It is used to ensure the vehicle starts smoothly and shifts smoothly, so it is also expensive and malfunctions. More parts.

  1. Failure phenomenon:

The truck's power is obviously insufficient, it is difficult to start at low gear, and it cannot start with a heavy load, but the engine is still running stably.

  1. The cause of the fault and its elimination

① There is an oil stain on the surface of the friction plate, causing slipping;

The clutch should be disassembled and the friction plate and driven disc should be cleaned.

②The elastic force of the pressure spring is reduced or broken, resulting in a decrease in positive pressure and insufficient friction;

The spring should be replaced.

③The friction lining is worn out or the rivets are exposed, and the friction is reduced;

The friction plate should be replaced or riveted again.

④ The driven disc and friction plate are burnt or deformed;

It should be corrected or replaced with a new clutch disc.

⑤Clutch adjustment clearance is too small or inconsistent, resulting in no free stroke of the pedal;

The gap should be adjusted to the specified range, and the three separating levers should be in the same plane.

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