Know Ways to Do Site Selection Of Advertising Dome Tent

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Know Ways to Do Site Selection Of Advertising Dome Tent

Posted By yi Zhen     April 6, 2021    


  Although the advertising dome tent does not have too many restrictions on the construction site, try not to build it on the top of a mountain or in an open field to avoid being struck by lightning. And to choose according to different terrain.

  Appropriate construction and fixing methods can better ensure the normal use of the tent! Tighten the tent roof cloth: When the tent roof cloth is installed for the first time, the parts that fix the roof cloth should be fully compressed at one time, and then the roof cloth should be compressed and fixed again one to two weeks after the tent is built. In this way, after a period of pulling of the tarp, some wrinkles will be flattened, and the best fit with the frame can be achieved, so that the overall appearance of the tent is greatly improved, and the tarp can effectively eliminate water accumulation The problem! Fire protection and electricity safety: Many tent air conditioners, lights and other equipment require electricity. Therefore, when supplying power to the tent, pay attention to the insulation of the wires and brackets to ensure the safety of electricity. Secondly, although the tarpaulin has the flame retardant ability and meets the fire protection standards set by the country, it is still a combustible material. Therefore, flammable and explosive materials are strictly used inside the tent, and relevant fire extinguishing equipment is required!

  In case of typhoon weather: Although high-quality tents have good wind resistance, they should not be taken lightly in the face of severe typhoon weather. The local wind force should exceed eight levels.

  The above protection is based on the actual situation. The smaller tents can be removed in advance, or the wind-proof components and fixed counterweights can be strengthened. In the case of winds above grade ten, the roof tarpaulin and side wall tarpaulins must be quickly removed , Or even remove the tent! Regular inspection and maintenance: In order to maintain the quality of the tent, regular maintenance is very important. The maintenance of the tent mainly includes the inspection of the main structure of the tent, screw reinforcement, the detection of the sealing degree of the interface, and the tarp The surface is clean and the power circuit in the tent is tested to ensure the safe use of the tent!

  It is best to pay more attention to the above matters during the use of the tent, as long as the normal use of many high-quality aluminum folding tents can last for more than 20 years.

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