Where Will Nike Patta Be 1 Year From Now?

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Where Will Nike Patta Be 1 Year From Now?

Posted By shop belart     Jun 8    


The 574 is, perhaps, New Balance’s most iconic and referenced shoe. 

Globally recognized, especially to those patta not particularly interested in sneakers, it is usually the first NB that comes to mind for your average person. 

To sneaker aficionados, the 574 is instantly acknowledged and revered. Its popularity in the 1990s and 2000s, from American urban settings to hip Tokyo streets, has solidified the 574 as an all-time great. Countless collabs with the 574 over the past 20 years or so have helped to keep the model current, relevant, and respected to this day.

Many sneaker fans don’t realize the obscure and mysterious history of the 574. 

Humble beginnings

The road-running boom of the 1970s was in full swing and brands were constantly coming out with new models. By the time the 80s hit, the economy was bustling, materials and technology were progressing, and athletic companies were pumping out better and better product.

Running was becoming more popular not only on paved streets, but also on trails and country paths.

NB’s 500 series addressed this new wave of the active, luxury consumer. The 500 series was built of durable suede, breathable mesh, and aggressive outsoles to help handle sticks and rocks. The 575 was released in 1986 and its updated version, the 576, came out in 1988.

Shortly after, a prototype of the 574 (featuring “C-Cap,” a cushioned midsole) was born. It was a hybrid of both the 575 and the 576 and utilized features from both. It was designed to be a versatile and more accessible version of the 576.

The final version of the 574, with the company’s new “Encap” midsole, was never actually produced for retail until 1990 or so. Exact dates and years have always been up for debate.

“Encap” is short for “encapsulated” and is a soft piece of EVA surrounded by a hard plastic ring for stability. The Encap unit is located under the heel and inside of the midsole; it cannot be seen from the outside. To this very day, many New Balances still use Encap technology.

The 574 was stripped down, patta straight-to-the point, and well-rounded. It was built for all types of terrain and was an instant hit which sold very well. It was so successful that it did not change for many years to come.