You Need to Know Definition of Air Quick Coupler

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You Need to Know Definition of Air Quick Coupler

Posted By snip snip     April 7, 2021    


Air Quick Coupler is similar to quick connectors, disconnectors and quick release fittings. Most of them just slip right into place and some even lock when they are together to ensure a tight seal. Because air pressure is so powerful many of the air couplers come equipped with a two step disconnecting process. This allows some of the air pressure to be released before it is completely removed. If some of the pressure was not released before the could cause the other end of the hose to blow out of control like crazy and have the potential to hurt someone. These couplers are used in conjunction with an array of products like air compressors to tools that are dependent on air for power such as jackhammers and nail guns.

Air quick couplers come in a variety of sizes and material because of the range of uses they have for different projects and applications. They range in size of diameter from 1/8 to ten inches and are most commonly made out of brass, stainless steel and aluminum. These couplings are rather inexpensive and are a great investment for companies that change tools often. This eliminated the need to stop ongoing processes when a tool change is needed. By used an air quick coupler lines can be attached and detached with only the use of one hand, in turn speeding up progression.

It is really the little things in life that can make tasks simpler for us and make working and getting things done all that much easier that we really come to appreciate By considering how fast and easily this can make the job for those who connect and disconnect items all day this really is a dream come true for them.

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