Rsgoldfast - This is a secure minigame

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Rsgoldfast - This is a secure minigame

Posted By wang rui     April 11, 2021    


There will be two exits/entrances, one at the north side and runescape gold 2007 the other in the southwest. The tickets and armor can not be resold to the npc therefore be careful how much you purchase. The Coliseum is divided into 4 components Everything under the blue line is level 1 crazy (you can just attack players who are in 1 level of your combat), below the green is level two, below the brown is level 3 and above the brown is level 4.

To enter the Coliseum you will require atleast 10 tickets and greatest 75 tickets (maximum will change if greater weapons/armor are introduced in runescape). Any armor/weapons/items will be permitted into the Coliseum. This is a secure minigame and if you die you will not lose anything except for your tickets.

Based on the amount of tickets you have you will be permitted to bring in higher demand armor/weapons in the Coliseum. The greatest defense/attack/strength/range/magic requirements of the item will justify how many tickets are necessary to bring it indoors (ex. To bring an Abyssal Whip in, you'll need to get 70 tickets with you. -- Should you bring armor that doesn't have a necessity or is below level 10, you will still have to earn 10 tickets so people do not only move in over and over again.

Once someone dies, they will be teleported out of the minigame and will drop nothing except all of the tickets they had on them. -- I am currently undecided about having a 2-10 minute punishment upon expiring to reenter the Coliseum. Once you kill a person, their bones and tickets will show up on the place of death and you will be handled a 20 second"can not leave" penalty.

With the tickets you're able to buy things from the npc in the south (Roman Guard). You don't need to kill people to buy tickets; you can just buy tickets out of the Protect for 1k each. Please note that the titles of the minigame/items/npc or the special effects of the items aren't important. I'd like to hear what you consider my idea and if there's anything that may be made better or edited. Overview: The coliseum is only combat. The nearest bank is at edgeville or cheap RuneScape gold bounty hunter.