About The Process Of Printed Quilt Factory

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About The Process Of Printed Quilt Factory

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     April 15, 2021    


When we choose clothes, we will find that clothes without prints are very simple. If you want to look good, you can rely on the value of the face; clothes with prints are very delicate. As the saying goes, "people rely on clothing, and Buddha depends on gold." The exquisiteness of clothing can make a good impression on you. The same is true for quilts. Many people choose printed quilt because of this. The printed quilt factory is also constantly researching this. So what is the process of the printed quilt?

Use dyes that are not resistant to discharge agents to dye the base color. After drying, use a color dye printing paste that contains discharge agents or at the same time. The white pattern formed on the colored ground (called white discharge printing) or the colored pattern formed by dyeing with colorful dyes (called color discharge printing). Also known as Pabai or Seba. Compared with direct printing, the production cost of discharging fabrics is very high, and the use of reducing agents must be carefully and accurately controlled.

The flannel cationic jacquard fabric can also be used as one of the printed quilt fabrics. The flannel cationic jacquard fabric factory has always been very strict in quality control.