Long Video Platform and Short Video Platform | WeTV
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Long Video Platform and Short Video Platform | WeTV

Posted By MMO gamefans     April 15, 2021    


"Watching a movie in a few minutes" is ushering in strong resistance from the film and television industry. In fact, before the battle, there was a short honeymoon period between the long video platform and the short video platform and short video bloggers.

On April 9, 15 industry associations including China Television Art Exchange Association and China TV Drama Production Industry Association, as well as 53 film and television companies including Noon Sunshine, Huace Film and Television, Ningmeng Film and Television, and mainstream video platforms such as iQiyi, Tencent, and Youku A joint statement on copyright protection was issued, calling on producers and operators of short video platforms and public accounts to respect copyright and strengthen self-examination, stating that they will take practical and effective measures to edit, cut, transport, and disseminate without authorization. The behavior initiated a centralized legal rights protection action.

As the short video market has grown, the rate of short video infringements has also continued to increase. The 2020 China Online Short Video Copyright Monitoring Report shows that from 2019 to October 2020 alone, a total of 16,026,900 suspected infringement links were monitored, and the rate of infringement of exclusive original authors was as high as 92.9%.

However, he did not directly sue the short video platform and the second creator of film and television drama bloggers. Instead, he chose to jointly promote "deterrence", revealing the difficulties behind it, such as the difficulty in rights protection and the long cycle, and the high cost of obtaining evidence.

The relationship between long video platforms, short video bloggers, and short video platforms is two-sided: both confrontation and mutual need. This joint statement in the industry is not the first time that a film and television company has requested copyright from short video creators and platforms. In the process of gradual improvement of laws and technology, the cat-mouse relationship between the several parties will continue.

Some experts suggest that long video copyright owners can appropriately learn from the authorization model of music copyright. Through official cooperation with major short video platforms, short video platforms can authorize their users' works and anti-infringement work, or it will be a new solution. And now WeTV’s content is becoming more and more abundant. It would be a good choice to have a WeTV VIP Subscription now.