\"Doula Continent\" Is Deeply Loved by Overseas Audiences on WeTV
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    • Last updated April 30, 2021
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"Doula Continent" Is Deeply Loved by Overseas Audiences on WeTV

Posted By MMO gamefans     April 30, 2021    


"Doula Continent" is completely popular, and overseas newspapers have a large-scale report!

The first round of "Doula Continent" starring Sean has ended. Many netizens said that they have not watched it. Fortunately, the broadcast date was confirmed in the second round. It is really popular, and it is understood that "Doula Continent" is now also available overseas. Become a hit show.

"Doula Continent" has successfully attracted global attention to Chinese-style fantasy works. In this process, Sean has contributed a lot. As a very influential top-tier, Sean has fans in various countries around the world. The overseas version of WeTV, the main broadcasting platform Tencent Video, also released a good news. Congratulations to Douluo on Twitter. Once it was broadcast on WeTV, it quickly reached the top. It also attracted a large number of WeTV VIP Accounts users in Germany, the United States, Australia, Canada, etc No. 1 in the rankings of daily broadcasts of popular TV dramas in various countries.

Recently, some netizens shared that Sean starring Douluo has appeared on the New Zealand Overseas Chinese News. The eye-catching headline Sean starring Doula Continent is popular overseas, another successful masterpiece of Chinese cultural export", and a large-scale report Sean’s contribution to Chinese cultural export Contributions affirmed Sean's influence and acting skills, and praised Douluo for being a conscience drama.

Indeed, Sean’s acting skills are unquestionable, making the audience's mood ups and downs. As the plot advances, it continues to change and deepens, and the special effects are also very good, and the audience is highly praised.

"Doula Continent" is getting more and more exciting. It has been replayed twice. Sean's fans are all over the world! transnational! Crossover! Spread Chinese culture! Sean was born into the sun and is an excellent actor full of positive energy! I don’t know what you think of Sean’s popularity overseas. Are you very proud? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

Sean's overall quality is good and very polite to people. Although he is a warm man, he has a stubborn side in his character, and he is the most responsible. Sean has a superior height, a vigorous smile, and exudes a kind of friendly temperament from the seniors next door. Sean is a person with potential. When singing, music blends with him.

What's your opinion on "Doula Continent" going abroad? On the 5mmo website buy WeTV VIP Account, you will be able to watch "Doula Continent".