Aluminium Outdoor Gazebo Is On Sale

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Aluminium Outdoor Gazebo Is On Sale

Posted By yi Zhen     April 19, 2021    


Our aluminium outdoor gazebo are naturally corrosion resistant. Steel gazebos aren't.

You've heard that before? But you don't know what it is about exactly? We are happy to help with the details: When metals are exposed to oxygen, they oxidize. Unlike steel, the oxide layer on aluminium however only grows by approximately 0.5 mm. It thus forms a protective layer by its own. This prevents rust and ensures a corrosion-resistant aluminum gazebo.

Why is this beneficial for you and your aluminum gazebo?
You don't have to worry about rust protection because your aluminum gazebo protects itself against external conditions. The best? Even small scratches do not bother your aluminum canopy, because the protective oxide layer can renews itself when penetrated.

On the contrary, a steel gazebo is extremely rust-sensitive. Even slightly increased air humidity is sufficient to accelerate the corrosion process of steel gazebos. Did the vendor of your steel canopy state that steel gazebos are as corrosion-resistant as aluminum gazebos, thanks to their powder coating treatment? Then we have bad news for you: Even the most minor damages to the coating can cause rust formation on steel gazebos.

Aluminum gazebos are corrosion resistant.
Aluminum gazebos are ideal for outside use.
Aluminum gazebos are three times lighter than steel gazebos.
The high form-stability enables the production of custom-made aluminum gazebos.
Aluminum gazebos are 100% recyclable.

We are one of the folding chair supplier and welcome to your come and purchase!


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  • alex jacob
    alex jacob  · June 4, 2021
    If you have a plan to make outdoor activities for your families, you can choose some fun activities that can make your family get the best enjoyment so you will get more happiness from them. In this case, doing something fun will make you able to spend...  more