Is Laser Treatment Safe To Remove Spider Veins?

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Is Laser Treatment Safe To Remove Spider Veins?

Posted By Adrian Willson     April 20, 2021    


Spider veins are a type of venous insufficiency that can embarrass or trouble you with their unsightly appearance. This vein disorder may also be known as telangiectasia. This vein disease does not cause any pain. People generally do not consider it a medical concern but may want to get rid of the ugly appearance of the condition. Luckily, there are several methods of eliminating spider veins at the vein clinic near me that are both safe and effective.
Spider vein treatment; Laser Therapy:
One of the ways to relieve spider veins is through laser procedures. In the laser procedure, light energy is delivered to the spider veins to seal them shut making them dissolve. Professionals use a hand-held device to deliver the laser energy that is absorbed by the lining of the body. This procedure involves a precise dosage of energy.
When the veins are sealed off, there is no blood circulation through them and the appearance of telangiectasia gets away. Vein doctors may use a variety of lasers to eliminate problematic veins that project the structure of spider webs including long-pulse alexandrite, diode, and long-pulse Nd; Yag lasers, Light-based treatments including various different light sources may also get successful results.
Why Opt For It?
Most people consider laser treatment the best option to treat spider veins. Laser has become an important part of the medical field as it has gone through various advancements and refinements for making it a precise and safe way to treat several conditions or ailments. The laser beam involved in the spider vein treatment will not damage the skin tissue. After four to six weeks the diseased veins will be absorbed by the body.
Since Laser therapy is considered the right treatment to treat spider veins. But still, you should discuss the treatment with your doctor as it may possible that you have symptoms of varicose veins including heaviness, pain in the legs; the bulging, purplish appearance of the vein then other forms of vein treatment near me methods may recommend.
A very common question that arises regarding laser treatments is whether the procedure is painful or not. Patients who feel pain during the procedure may be given topical anesthetic prior to the treatment. On the other hand, some people may experience slight tingling as the laser fires. Some laser treatments may use a cooling device to offer comfort to the patient.
How to prepare for the procedure?
Before the procedure, the dermatologist will evaluate the patient’s medical history. He/She may also conduct a physical exam. In this visit, a doctor discusses patients’ expectations, potential risks, and results of the procedure.
  • You should avoid sunbathing, tanning beds, or wax for two weeks before the procedure.
  • Don’t take aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as there may be an increased risk of bleeding.
Post-procedure Tips:
Patents might not notice any significant changes up to multiple weeks after the therapy. In some cases, patients may need multiple treatments. Post procedures issues may include:
  • You may experience red or pink spots up to four to eight hours after treatment.
  • You may feel a stinging sensation along with a heating sensation in the treated area.
  • You will be recommended cool packs or moist cloths to be applied to diminish the sensation.
  • You may experience mild swelling in the treatment area that usually disappears within several days.
  • Don’t apply makeup or lotion to the treated area for either twenty-four hours or until all signs of redness and swelling have faded away.
  • Apply a good moisturizer to the treated area twice daily for the duration of the treatments.