Why Do Edibles Feel Stronger than Smoking?

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Why Do Edibles Feel Stronger than Smoking?

Posted By Lee Wood     April 28, 2021    


Any seasoned stoner, when pressed, will admit to learning a lesson in patience when it comes to marijuana edibles. In other words, just because you don't feel high in the first 30 minutes doesn't mean you won't be glued to the couch in 2 hours. But why? Why does it take so long to get stoned off edibles, and why do they feel way more potent than smoking? Well, lean in, my friend, let's talk about your liver and this funky little thing called "11=Hydroxy Metabolite." Get the best marijuana edibles by visiting this website.

For starters, let's dispel a myth that most have either heard or convinced themselves was true in a state of panic: overdosing on marijuana edibles, is it possible? No! To overdose, you would need to eat 1,500 pounds in no more than 15 minutes. While it's entirely possible you'll convince yourself that you're dying after consuming 10x the recommended serving size, it's physically impossible to overdose. So why are edibles so potent?

When you consume marijuana edibles, your liver converts the active compound "Delta 9 THC" into a psychoactive compound that is five times stronger called "11-Hydroxy Metabolite." And as Joe Rogan famously said about 11-Hydroxy Metabolite, "It lets you talk to dolphins!" 11-Hydroxy Metabolite is comparatively more potent due to its unique ability to pass the blood-brain barrier more effectively than any other THC metabolite to date. For this reason, you can expect to get high and stay high for four times longer if you take edibles instead of smoking your cannabis.

But even if you're going to be high for four times longer, why does it take four times longer to kick in? Put simply; it just takes that long for your stomach to process the edible before the liver can metabolize the Delta 9 THC and deliver the 11-Hydroxy Metabolite to your brain. So, take it from the seasoned stoners: be patient. We all wish it was easy as pie!

Edibles are an excellent solution for those who don't enjoy smoking or want to avoid the carcinogenic properties inherent in it. If, however, you eat too much and don't follow the instructions on the label, you might have an adverse reaction. In the event you do, here's a pro-tip: CBD reverses the effects of 11-Hydroxy Metabolite. That's right! If you're too high, you can use CBD oils or tinctures to come back down safely. The more you know!

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