How to Get Better at Rainbow 6 Siege

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How to Get Better at Rainbow 6 Siege

Posted By Jeson Clarke     May 6, 2021    


Rainbow 6 Siege is a fun, exciting, and tactical FPS game, but one that’s exceedingly hard to master. While a Rainbow 6 trainer platform is definitely a great solution, there are some tips from the pros out there to help you get better right away. Here are some of the best things you can do to improve your Rainbow 6 Siege skills:

Learn the Maps

Rainbow 6 Siege is unique among multiplayer FPS games because it takes being tactical to a whole new level. Most of your environment will be destructible and can be shot or blast through. Knowing the maps inside and out will help you find the best places to set up, where to get kills, and where to find cover. Being unfamiliar with the maps is one way to guarantee that you’ll get taken by surprise by a more experienced player. Get the best rainbow 6 trainer by visiting this website.

Listen Closely

We all know how useful a good headset can be for hearing footsteps in an FPS. Rainbow 6 Siege kicks this up a notch with it’s extremely realistic sound design. Listening carefully will allow you to figure out what rooms people are in, where they’re going, and much more.

Learn the Operators and Equipment

The unique operators in Rainbow 6 Siege all come with their own unique gadgets. Operators are divided up into Attackers and Defenders. You’ll want to learn which operator best suits your playstyle and how their equipment works to suit your skills. By learning the best option for your operator, you can focus on mastering them and their playstyle and gadgets.

Mouse Sensitivity

Getting familiar with all of the nuances of the game is definitely important, but you can’t underestimate how much adjusting your settings can improve your aim. Mouse sensitivity is one of those settings that can make or break your abilities to perform well. 20-60 cm/360 is recommended, but you should make sure to focus on what setting helps you play at your best.

Use a Rainbow 6 Trainer

Rainbow 6 Siege is a complicated game, so trying to wrap your head around all of the nuances can be difficult. With a Rainbow 6 trainer, you can get better fast. A good Rainbow 6 trainer can teach you better aiming, help you practice flicks, get a better handle on crosshair placement, learning the guns, and much more.

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