You Can Go toTent Camping with Dogs With Help of Folding Chair Suppier

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You Can Go toTent Camping with Dogs With Help of Folding Chair Suppier

Posted By yi Zhen     May 10, 2021    


1. Commit to a trial run!
If your dog has never been camping before, it’s best to do a trial run in your backyard. Why do folding chair supplier give this advice? Because in this way you can deal with how your dog reacts to being in a tent- and being secured 24/7 on a lead tied down with a stake- for the first time. To help your dog feel more comfortable with this new experience, bring their toys to entertain and relax them. Your dog may also find the tent material uncomfortable and strange, so bring their bed and blankets for them to lay down on.

With time, they will get used to this new environment and be ready for a camping adventure.

2. Plan your trip ahead of time
Planning ahead is the best way to ensure a safe and enjoyable camping experience for you and Fido. Not all campgrounds are dog-friendly, so do your research and plan ahead to assure that the campgrounds you want to stay at accept dogs. Camp rangers will turn you away if you show up at a no-pet campground. Remember to book your campsites early, if possible (only some campgrounds allow walk-in campers, especially amid the pandemic).

Lastly, make sure your dog is up-to-date with their vaccinations before taking them camping. Many campgrounds will ask for this information.

3. Bring water
Water is a crucial necessity for your camping trip with your four-legged friend. Our advice to you is to bring more water than you think you need by doubling the amount of water that you would typically take so that your dog is hydrated. Always bring extra in case of emergencies, too.

Make sure to check online ahead of time to see if your campground has a water spigot. Some campgrounds don’t offer this feature, so be prepared with your own water.

Another way to assure that your dog stays hydrated, especially on hikes, is with a collapsible dog bowl that clips onto a backpack. Always bring water with you everywhere you go. You never know when you may need it. It could save your dog’s life in case of an emergency.

4. Keep your dog on leash & never leave them alone
A majority of campgrounds require you to keep your dog on a leash or lead. This is done to protect you, your dog, other campers, and wildlife. It’s important to keep your dog secure at all times. Long lines/leads with in-ground stakes or a portable pen are great ideas to keep your dog from wandering off while on your campsite.

Also, never leave your dog alone! Never keep Fido in your car or campsite while you go on a hike - or even to the bathroom. You are responsible for your dog 24/7 and that requires that you never leave them unattended.

When you need to use the bathroom, it is common to tie your dog right outside. Some campgrounds may allow you to bring your dog in the bathroom with you on leash, but be careful around others. Your dog’s safety is the priority!

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