How to Improve Your Deadlift Technique

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How to Improve Your Deadlift Technique

Posted By Michael Williams     May 11, 2021    


In this article I'll discuss the importance of how to improve deadlift form. Deadlifts are one of the most compound exercises in the world and so the mechanics involved in performing them can be quite difficult to master. They involve a number of movement patterns including the standard bent over row, wide grip pull up (known as a chin-up), underhanded deadlift and a wide variety of cable and pulley moves. There is also the potential for significant difficulty in improving strength and power with the deadline, especially if one's deadlift technique is flawed. The risk is particularly high if a person is not training with the correct form or has weak grip strength.


To begin my discussion on how to improve deadlift form I would like to introduce a term that may have been missing from previous discussions, which is a functional training definition for the deadlift.

As the name suggests, this refers to the position in which the body holds the weight during the exercise and is used to determine grip strength. This is crucial because it allows you to train grip strength without actually having to train your grip strength! This is very helpful for all kinds of functional training but particularly beneficial for anyone wanting to build a stronger core strength.

A common method of improving deadlift grip strength is through the use of a mixed grip. A mixed grip is simply two grips placed on top of each other. For instance, if a person holds the dumbbell in the left hand and the barbell in the right hand then the person is using a mixed grip. Those who hold the barbell in their right hand and the dumbbell in their left hand are using a pure double overhand grip.

Another important factor to remember when learning how to improve deadlift form is that the deadline becomes less difficult as you progress through the range of motion. This is because as the muscles contract, they begin to lengthen, which allows for more fluid movements.

The most commonly used mixed grip is a semi-cobalt grip but it has been shown that mixed grip becomes much easier as you go through the range of motion. Even though you're working with two hands and are completing a motion that your body is already capable of, it still becomes easier as the muscle contracts and lengthens.

Another important factor of grip strength is creating a proper hook. When completing the deadline, it's important to make sure that you can maintain a proper wrist angle even after completing the lift. Typically, a person can maintain the proper wrist angle by hooking their pinky up under their thumb and then turning the hand so that the hook comes into the ball of the hand.

One of the key things you will notice as you get stronger with pulling exercises, and especially the deadlift, is that the weakest link in your movement is the wrist and forearms. Choosing the best deadlift straps for your workout will help you keep the focus on the large back and posterior chain muscles instead of straining and injuring your forearms and wrists.

Deadlift performance will be much more effective if it is incorporated into a workout routine and not treated as a separate component. Deadlifts are designed to strengthen and build large muscles groups and should only be done on days that don't include a lot of other exercises. A lot of guys think that deadlifts are going to build big muscles, but they actually won't benefit your body in the long run unless they're used on a regular basis. If you want to know how to improve deadlift technique, read this article and start integrating deadlift workouts into your workout routine.