How to have a museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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How to have a museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Posted By Seysme attat     May 16, 2021    


For novice players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, having your own museum is interesting and necessary game content. It is a task that players need to complete, donating fish, fossils, and bugs. Secondly, it can improve the score of the island, and a well-designed museum can also be a tool for players to show off their design.

After learning the DIY course of playing fishing rods and nets at Tom Nook, remember to give him 5 of the fish and bugs you caught. Talk to him when you have it in your pocket to trigger the "I found a creature!" prompt. After giving it to him, we just waited for the call from our old friend Blathers.

Then prepare a tent for the old friend Blathers. He will help you build a museum in his tent location for you. When he arrives, please talk to him immediately and let him know what animals and fossils you have on the coast.

He will provide you with recipes for vaulting poles and shovel. You need to make these tools to prepare more than 15 bio-fossils as exhibits. For players who have already obtained the recipe, they can prepare these before waiting for Blathers to arrive in the tent. ACNH Bells can make this very simple.

With Blathers' museum permission, all that needs to be done is to wait for two days. Then the museum can be built and opened. Critterpedia contains all your donated items. The little owl icon is very eye-catching.

Owning your own museum is also able to get Nook Miles Tickets rewards. Most players will Buy Animal Crossing Bells to get more special fishes, bugs, and fossils. Then donate to the museum. Of course, you can also buy items to design the appearance of the museum. All these can make the museum more attractive, make the island score higher, and more worthy of showing off.