The general brought back a little girl by Hanmuzhi.
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The general brought back a little girl by Hanmuzhi.

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


Xue Mo followed the sound of "cooing" to look at her little belly, but did not look at anything, her little belly is hiding in the red brocade quilt. "Brother Xue, I haven't eaten anything all day," Jin Xin said with a shy face. "The last meal was eaten before dawn.." It's really not that she's greedy, but that she really has nothing to eat and is hungry. A little face bit his lip with grievance. Xue Mo was taken aback. "Haven't you eaten all day?" He did not know that the day of the bride's wedding was especially painful. Suddenly, he was so distressed that he quickly took a snack and stuffed it into Jinxin's mouth. "Eat it quickly." If you haven't eaten for a day, you can't be hungry. No wonder your stomach cries so loudly. Usually the most gluttonous little brocade heart, suddenly so hungry, he is afraid that she is hungry and thin. Brocade heart is not polite in front of Xue Mo, with the hand of the lover gnawed up. Can feed things is not so easy to feed, brocade heart's mouth and Xue Mo's hand, the strength of the two is very difficult to match together, one in and one out of the contaminated brocade heart full of crumbs, not to mention, even the tip of the nose are stuck. Brocade heart is laughing to abandon: "You are really stupid, feed a thing to feed bad." Say so on the mouth, two small hands are not willing to get out of the brocade quilt, let Xue Mo clumsily feed her to eat. A snack, two snacks finished, Xue Mo took out the brocade handkerchief to lovingly wipe the tip of brocade heart's little nose, fingers intentionally or unintentionally scratched her little face. Jin Xin pouted mischievously and kissed Xue Mo's finger. Crisp numbing touch,jacuzzi swim spa, let live two generations of Xue Mo suddenly realized that the finger still has this function, was licked by her, that finger as if it was no longer his, this clumsy finger more clumsy up, will not move. Seeing that he was in a daze, Jinxin was happy and became more and more naughty. Two small hands quickly drilled out of the warm bed, like a small mouse squatting in the nest, holding Xue Mo's big hand and biting up, like a small mouse grinding its teeth. Grinding your teeth is nothing,hot tub spa manufacturers, and you are still eating two small snacks during the rest of grinding your teeth. As a result, Xue Mo looked at Jinxin in a daze, rubbing his hand for a while and gnawing cakes and fruits for a while. When she finally had enough to eat, Xue Mo's eyes were full of tiny golden awn. The girl he married was really a girl. Wasn't she just a little mouse in human form? Thought, blurted out: "Little mouse, still hungry?" Whether it was a person or a little mouse, he loved it. The dish in front of him was empty. When he realized it, he quickly took out a big red apple from behind him. What? With six full brocade heart, licking his lips, some confused about his name, "who is the little mouse?" She boasted that she was a beautiful girl, and when she realized that the little mouse was calling her, she beeped, "She's not a little mouse." He glanced at the big apple in his hand. "Even a little mouse doesn't eat the apple, only you." Then he bit Xue Mo's little finger again. Itchy, endless pool swim spa ,jacuzzi bath spa, crisp, just has been restraining their own Xue Mo, see her full to provoke him, where can also hold back. She leaned over her lips and kissed her little mouth, which would bite his fingers, sweet and soft. This time Xue Mo did not control himself, boldly rolled her little tongue, the taste is not the same as the softness of the lips, more delicious. Xue Mo closed his eyes emotionally and held her tightly wrapped in the brocade quilt. Before I knew it, I fished out the little brocade heart hiding inside. Without the barrier of the brocade quilt, the brocade heart felt how hot Xue Mo's body was at the moment, and the hot breath passed to her through the red wedding robe, making her body feel very warm in the cold and snowy days. Brocade heart gradually sink in the warm world given by Xue Mo, the body is a little floating. Xue Mo seems a little fierce, not so gentle. Perhaps it was because of the military commanders that they did things so fiercely. Brother Xue, I'm afraid. For the first time, he couldn't find a place and stayed outside after rubbing several times. Brocade heart nervous body is a little trembling, at the moment Xue Mo is not tender, the whole body is full of possessiveness. Brocade heart dare not look at Xue Mo, bite the lip side head to look at the bright red brocade quilt. Suddenly somewhere in severe pain, Jinxin's body uncontrollably tried to break away from his imprisonment, but was held tighter and tighter, wave after wave driving the whole bed curtain swaying. Xue Mo is too brave, brocade heart cries tears straight, "Xue elder brother." A sound of begging for mercy, but also did not stop the first taste of women Xue Mo. Strong possession of her for nearly half an hour, after the end of the brocade heart body trembling, crying a trembling. Xue Mo, who had a clear mind, saw her crying so that her eyes were swollen. He was at a loss. He gently put her in the brocade quilt and held her in his arms to make amends in a low voice: "Brother Xue is not good. It hurts you." Jin Xin pursed her lips with tears in her eyes. You're not human. Jin Xin cried and beat Xue Mo's chest, "I'm in pain." Xue Mo kissed the tears from her eyes and coaxed her gently. It hasn't been cleaned after work, and it's sticky and uncomfortable. When Jin Xin's body no longer trembled, Xue Mo got up and wiped Jin Xin's place with the white silk handkerchief placed on the bed. When he saw the blood and white liquid blending and sticking to the white handkerchief, Xue Mo was slightly stunned. Did I hurt you? Xue Mo remembered that Jin Xin had just cried with pain, and when he saw the blood, he realized that he had really hurt Jin Xin. In order to confirm, Xue Mo shamelessly lifted the brocade quilt and went to check whether the brocade heart was injured. What are you doing.. Although the body is already his, he bent over to see, Jinxin is still shy. Where can a man look at it freely? "Brother Xue, let me go." As if she hadn't heard it, Xue Mo grabbed her feet with both hands and went to check her injured parts. He touched them gently: "Does it still hurt?" He had never seen the girl's place, and his eyes saw it, and he didn't know whether it was hurt or not. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt, don't look. Jin Xin was so ashamed that she broke away from his hand, pulled down the quilt and covered her little buttocks tightly. The girl's first night hurts, and she knows it. Take a break. You'll feel better. Looking at the blood on the veil, Xue Mo suspected that Jinxin was coaxing him. Luohong, Xue Mo is not unheard of, but when he saw it with his own eyes,5 person hot tub, he still believed that he had hurt her, so he would shed so much blood. If you don't get hurt, how can you bleed.