Legend of Galactic Heroes (3) Hundreds of billions of stars, hundreds of billions of light
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Legend of Galactic Heroes (3) Hundreds of billions of stars, hundreds of billions of light

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


Answering Lieutenant General Shelley Brej one by one was the greatest service that Senkobu had done. Although he hated the commander of the base, he could not abandon it. It was somewhat sympathetic for him that the experts in dealing with affairs were left at the forefront. Because not everyone can be as bold and fearless as Sencobb. Even if they are also doctors, there are special divisions such as surgeons and ophthalmologists. The army would not have been able to function as an organization without a talent like Serebrej. Even though he thought so, he was forced to fight under Shelley Brej under such circumstances, which was really something the boss didn't want to do. In a corner of the surface of Van Fleet 4 = 2, there was a flash of fire. At an altitude of 2,400 kilometers, it can be clearly seen. It was the Fifth Fleet of the Allied Forces, which had entered the realm of Zeus in large numbers, that recognized this. Under the decisive command of Vice Admiral Alexander Bikgugu, they first sent reconnaissance aircraft over the satellite to confirm the situation on the ground, playing a fast mobile fleet movement. By this time, the Empire on the ground was aware of the approach of the enemy fleet. It was a mistake for Lieutenant General Greenmels Howie and his staff not to leave a backup force in the sky. Of course, they also have something to say, reluctantly deploy a small number of combat forces in the sky, will attract the attention of the enemy, but dangerous, this is their argument. But,brushed stainless steel sheet, after all, that's just an excuse. The most important thing was that they neglected their worries. The staff of the fleet of Greenmells Howie would only sneer at the old commander's aging, but did not make up for it with their own thoughts. It was really lazy. If Reinhart had been their superior, he would have expelled them from the military organization forever after a fierce impeachment. Reinhart's temperament has nothing to do with laziness, and he has a tendency to hate laziness more than incompetence. What's more, having both is, of course,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, intolerable. Although in reality, they are still out of touch with Reinhart's strict control, they can't always enjoy the dream of taking a nap. The danger is approaching rapidly, and the volume of the ringing alarm is proportional to this. Although they learned from the enemy on the ground that the Allied Fifth Fleet was approaching, they still held unfounded optimism for the time being. But as soon as the rope broke, he panicked and reported to Lieutenant General Jane of Grimmelshawe. Put on the clothes of wailing at the heart of the truth. Not good, a big battle force of the allies, kill to this Zeus domain to come! Hearing the almost panicky cry, the 76-year-old veteran did not panic much. If you are a famous general with achievements, you will probably be rated as calm in the face of danger, but for this old man, you will probably only be considered insensitive. Give the order to abort the attack, sir! Now there is no leisure to take care of the ground base. If attacked from above, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, my fleet will be destroyed! The opinions of the staff are quite natural. But it was because the ground troops were commanded by the non-mainstream officers of the army headquarters, such as Liunieburk and Mujer, that the staff dared to advocate the suspension of the battle. If they don't have to worry about being blamed afterwards, it's a painless thing for them to leave their troops on the ground and flee back to space. However, the Fifth Fleet of the Allies did not have a one-sided advantage. More than ten thousand ships move from the outer edge to the inner part of the galaxy. Even if there is more or less jet lag, it is impossible not to be found. Both armies were working hard to detect the enemy's movements, and Marshal Mikberga, who was by no means incompetent, had seen that the Allied movement was aimed at Van Fleet 4 = 2 Zeus. For the head of the Imperial Army, and especially for Marshal Mikberga, it was not worth the risk of rescuing the fleet of Grimmellshaujan. But now that the movement of the rebel and allied forces has been confirmed to a considerable extent, it has to be reacted. Mikberga ordered the main force of the whole army to be concentrated and moved to the 4 = 2 Zeus domain of Van Fleet. This order is almost tactically correct, but unfortunately, it is a little late in timing. If he had given this order three hours earlier, he would have been able to attack the Allied Fifth Fleet from the front, defeat it, and then defeat the successive Allied forces to achieve a comprehensive victory. But this was not the case, and the Imperial Army went all out to follow the movement of the Fifth Fleet and attack the 4 = 2 Zeus domain of Van Fleet. Although Lieutenant General Bikegu predicted this state of affairs, he could not ask the General Command of friendly forces to make a comprehensive change of combat operations without realizing it. The old prefects who were rejected by the cadets of the military Academy were often forced to fight alone. And he himself was not looking forward to it, but by this time, he had already contacted Vice Admiral Borodin, commander of the 12th Fleet. Bikegu's most trusted colleague was Vice Admiral Wulanfu, commander of the Ninth Fleet, but he did not participate in the battle. Borodin was Bikegu's second trusted commander. On the other hand, the situation on the ground is as chaotic as turbid bean soup. Although Reinhart was in the midst of the gun fire, he could not help but leave Nebrk in command, which was not like what he would have, but he did not know how to make a decision. Gilfias, how is the battle going all round? "That is an unanswerable question, Lord Reinhardt." In the Galactic Imperial Army, there are probably no less than a few thousand people with adjutant status. And the redheaded young man, who was probably the most talented of them all, was sure to say, "No way." Even if the so-called "overall war situation" exists, it is changing rapidly. When you master it, you can't keep up with the times. Even if you can master it correctly, it will be known by Liunieburk, who is the chief general. It will not only benefit him, but also make Reinhart more disadvantageous. Gilfias leaned the helmet of his suit against Reinhart's. A contact call method was used to prevent communications from being tapped. Lord Reinhart, I dare him to say, please concentrate on the battlefield in front of you now. And as long as a personal Wu Xun, you can immediately retreat. Please stop worrying about the big picture. Reinhart stared at Gilfias with wide,stainless steel welded pipe, ice-blue eyes and a smile on her lips. Gilfias, I didn't expect you to promote egoism. The laughter ended in a short time, and the hard surface was covered with white beauty like frost. sxthsteel.com