Concubine. Strategy
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Concubine. Strategy

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


For a moment, she felt like she had returned to her childhood. The hall with fragrant sideburns, amber champagne, taffeta skirts, men whispering, women smiling behind their fans.. She was wearing a chiffon princess dress, and her little figure walked from one side of the hall to the other, and from the other side to the other side, and no one looked at her twice. Like a passenger. Yes, she is a passer-by. No lover, no family, no children.. Last life of her, such as water without trace, nothing left! As she thought about it, her hand touched her high belly. No, no, no. In this life, she has a child. She can die, but she can't let the child who grew up slowly in her body die with her. "Where is the Marquis?" Shih-niang heard herself sobbing and asking Mama Wan, "I want to see the Marquis!" Of all the people she knew, this was the only one who could protect the child from harm! The people in the room looked embarrassed. The delivery room is a filthy place, and when a man comes in, he will have bad luck. "Madam," said Mother Wan with a steely smile, "the Marquis is in the study. If you have anything to do, I'll just pass it on to you." "I want to see him!" Shih-niang, who had always been gentle, was adamant: "Go and tell him I want to see him!" Mother Wan stood aside, neither left nor right, and looked at Amber for help. Amber looked at Shih-niang, whose face was covered with tears, and gritted her teeth. "Madam, I'm going to call the Marquis!" Mother Wan is in a big hurry. Young daughter-in-law, what also do not understand, Hou Ye is the backbone of the house, if something happens to him,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, the good days in this house will come to an end. How can you listen to madam's nonsense! "Guan Ching's wife!" She gave a cry, and just as she was about to remind her, Amber trotted out of the delivery room. Mother Wan stamped her feet and ran after her. Does it take so long to have a baby? Xu Lingyi looked at the yellowish rice paper on the case and could not help muttering in his heart. It's been a day and a half, and I don't know how long I'll stay? He thought for a moment, then put down the writing brush dipped in ink in his hand and told the little maid, "Go and see what's going on with the lady." As soon as the little servant girl answered, "Yes," the door curtain was lifted. Amber rushed in and said, "Hou Ye, go and have a look!"! Madam she, madam she.. Tears could not stop falling. Xu Lingyi felt a chill in his heart. I saw Du's mother come in. "Don't worry, Marquis." She glanced at Amber and said, "They are young and ignorant. I'll go and have a look." Amber can see clearly, the heart is more clear, if Xu Lingyi went to the delivery room, finally eleven Niang has a misfortune, she is married to Xu Fu's wife, is no longer eleven Niang's accompanying room servant girl, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Xu family people want to dispose of her how to dispose of her. But as soon as she thought of Shih-niang, whose face was covered with tears, how could she care about this? She blurted out her retort: "No, Marquis, it's Madame who wants to see you.." Before her voice fell, Xu Lingyi strode out of the study. Mother Du looked at Amber and sighed. Amber is a happy heart, while wiping the corner of the eye, while trotting to follow up. Eleven Niang felt the red tape under her body getting more and more wet, and her heart cooled a little bit. Is the situation already very bad? She is not afraid to face the bad luck, she is afraid to know nothing about the coming bad luck, can only passively accept! Why hasn't Xu Lingyi come yet? Is Amber unable to get the word out? Or Xu Lingyi hesitated to see her. Thoughts hovering in my mind, I heard the door curtain ring, Xu Lingyi came in with a face as heavy as water. "Hsu Ling-yi!" Eleven Niang looked at him. Xu Lingyi had seen her smiling face, her proud and tolerant face, and her angry and disappointed face, but she had never seen her now. Her almond eyes full of water looked at her helplessly, full of expectation and hope. "What's the matter?" He asked, looking sharply at the women. The voice was no longer as dignified as it used to be, but faintly flustered. He was slightly stunned. No matter how dangerous the scene is, he has seen it. What is there to panic about! Xu Lingyi had no time to clear up his train of thought. He saw several steady women hanging their heads, and the doctor Peng bent her body and quietly stepped back a few steps. His fingertips were cold, and the voice of Shi-yi Niang came to his ears: "Hou Ye, I may have a difficult birth!" Although she was already psychologically prepared for the situation, when she heard this coming out of Shih-niang's mouth, Hsu Ling-yi's brain still "thundered" for a moment before she recovered. "Dystocia?" His posture was even more upright, and his eyes were a little bitter when he looked at the steady woman. "What do you mean, 'It may be difficult to give birth?'". The air is cold. Several women shrank into a ball, trembling, and did not dare to say a word. Xu Lingyi's eyes fell on Doctor Peng. Mrs. Peng knelt on the ground with a "splash" and said, "Hou, Hou, the amniotic fluid broke a little earlier, and I've taken the medicine to induce labor, and the doctor's doctor has come to see me, but the baby, the baby hasn't moved yet." She stammered, "If, if you don't give birth again, madam will be in danger, in danger.." As he spoke, the corner of his eye turned toward Xu Lingyi. I heard that the doctor of the hospital also came to consult. Xu Lingyi felt a shock in his heart and looked at Doctor Peng's eyes, which seemed a little cold. "So there's nothing I can do?" The voice was flat, even a little stiff, but in the ears of Doctor Peng, it was like falling into an ice cellar, and her whole body was cold. As soon as she gritted her teeth, she pulled one of the women to say, "Lord, the maidservant is a doctor. She can treat children's emergencies, but she can't deliver babies." As soon as she heard this, she knew that she was going to have bad luck, and her whole body went limp as if she had a cramp. The Marquis.. Xu Lingyi looked at the other three women. With a shiver in their hearts, the three women knelt on the ground and knocked their heads on the bluestone bricks with the sound of "Peng Peng": "Spare my life, Marquis!" Chapter 459 Danger (I). Xu Lingyi looked at the women crawling in front of him, smiled coldly, and asked Amber to call the doctor to come over. …… Only with the medicine of tigers and wolves, "the doctor considered,304 Stainless Steel Coil," when the time comes, most of the children are. I'm afraid your excellency is in danger, too! 。