Return of the King of Rebirth
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Return of the King of Rebirth

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


If you want to go further, you have to do it with real knives and guns. Or, with sweat and hard work, online fear ah. Nothing is willing to sacrifice, but behind the rumors, one is better than the other! Say what? He got into trouble in England when he got involved in the other department's struggle! With a sneer, Zhuo Feng walked up to the capable man who was sweating with pain: "You are the biggest here, and you have the highest position. Say it, I'll give you a minute to explain." The wrist behind him was twisted into a hundred and eighty degrees. He was so painful that even the people in front of him were blurred, but he could only grind his teeth. "Big childe, I, we were confused for a while, not on purpose.". Forgive us this time. Zhuo big childe, a foot suddenly stepped on his palm, only to hear a painful shrill cry, but the people next to him immediately blocked his mouth. Have the courage to do, no list to bear, coward goods! The aura was all open, and the evil spirit in his eyes frightened the other half-kneeling people who did not even dare to say a word. Give a message to the uncles and uncles in your family. If you want to play, I will accompany you! If you have the ability, in front of me, do it! Playing tricks behind your back is not on the table at all! Looking at the pupil almost burst, Zhuo Feng clasped his throat without changing color: "Remember,304 Stainless Steel Bar, this is the only chance for you, if there is a next time, I promise, your Jiang family will never be able to gain a foothold in B city!" Waving sleeves, do not take away a trace of dust. Zhuo childe no longer polite smile, finally put aside that layer of elegant diplomatic manner, but also because of this, finally outstanding corner, but has completely shocked the courtyard Jiang family. Up and down the family is the tree of embrace,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, uncle generation in the career of the Rapids, but stopped in the upper and middle reaches, want to fight, this is dizzy, thought to take the opportunity, can be on a while, but didn't expect, was hit in the face to this point. Partial, in the wrong first, wipe the ass did not wipe clean, was directly dug out the bottom, want to pretend to pity Bo sympathy is not, can only clench their teeth, clamp the crack in the door. B city suddenly like ventilation, the original more and more intense potential of the refugee storm, unexpectedly then suddenly stopped. Zhuo Feng stayed at home for two days, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,mirror stainless steel sheet, and after making sure it was calm, he got on the plane again and returned to London. I didn't even have time to freshen up. As soon as I got off the plane, I received a phone call from Zan Zimo: "You come to the office." Just seven words, did not even say hello, then directly hung up the phone. Zhuo Feng's face tightened and he felt afraid that something had happened. Almost galloping all the way to the office, he saw three men in British police uniforms sitting inside. When he came back, he nodded gently, apparently just finished talking with the policemen, and got up to send them away. Strangely, these people saw Zhuo Childe, but did not intend to greet, directly lowered the brim of the hat, but left in a hurry. Where did you come from? On foreign affairs occasions, any official who knows his identity will certainly report things to him first, but how can these three behave as if they had come to visit Zimo on a special trip and see him stay out of it? "I use other relationships to find clues, and they naturally don't want to be seen by others." Over the past few years, Britain's internal affairs have become more and more complicated, and the recent Brexit has also led to great changes in the parties. Not everyone is happy to see Zhuo Feng cleared of the charges. So, just in case, he verified the progress of the investigation by other means. What did they find out? Look at the cold expression of Zi Mo, Zhuo Feng's pupil slightly a support, quietly sitting on the seat, waiting for the answer. The results of the assassination scene investigation have come out. They later found a strange residual fingerprint in a corner of the deceased's residence. "Zhimo squinted and looked out of the window quietly. Suddenly, he raised his lips. The cold arc brought a piercing meaning:" It should be the fingerprint of the murderer. " "Did the fingerprint match come out?" Now that we can find the fingerprint, the clue is very obvious! Zhuo Feng looked straight at Zi Mo. They said that after fingerprint comparison, it was found that he was not a British citizen. Therefore, we are seeking the help of Interpol to prepare for further investigation. Mo looked back at him calmly, and their eyes collided in midair, and the fuse of a conspiracy gradually revealed its true face. "What do you mean?" Zhuo Feng's index finger gently looked at the desktop, his face gradually brought out a killing gas. If it's really a domestic attack, do you have any suspects? He and Zhuo Feng know each other for many years, for each other's temperament is very clear, everything he will naturally tell him the worst possible, but he also wants to know, if the worst happens, what is he going to do? "There are many hostile people in this position of the Zhuo family, but few of them dare to do so." Zhuo Feng lowered his eyebrows and filtered the possible characters in his eyes one by one, but he could not determine who it would be. It's more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. I just want to remind you that the worst result is that the specific investigation has not come out yet. Seeing that Zhuo Feng was lost in thought, his expression was not relaxed. But suddenly remembered another thing: "You ran back to B city two days ago and went to the town in person?" "If I don't show up again, the crowd will think I'm really not even able to hold down the scene." Zhuo Feng waved his hand and felt an eyesore when he thought of the group of clowns. This will only quench the thirst for a moment. The real big guys are obviously more patient than those people, and they will never act in such an unknown situation. It is their original intention to want the fisherman to benefit. So, at present, we are still waiting and seeing. However, if this case drags on longer and longer, or even becomes an unsolved case, then things will become more and more irremediable. When the time comes, this group of people who can really arm wrestle, obviously, will no longer have such patience "demeanor"! "I know." Zhuo Feng pulled out a pen from the table and played with it gently in the palm of his hand: "I will finish it completely before the storm gets bigger!" "I'll let you know when I have the latest news. You can rest for a while." Seeing that he had traveled all the way and had just got off the plane, Zimo thought, "Let's go back to our residence, just as I have something to do with Yunxi." "Why do you miss your wife?" As soon as he heard that Zi Mo,304 stainless steel wire, who had not eaten human fireworks for thousands of years, mentioned Leng Yunxi, Zhuo Feng's face finally showed a smile.