Anti-dye Printing Of Printed Quilt Supplier

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Anti-dye Printing Of Printed Quilt Supplier

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     May 20, 2021    


Most of the quilts we cover now have been printed. The prints on the quilts produced by the printed quilt supplier are very beautiful, and there are many choices. Today we talk about anti-dye printing

Printed on white fabrics can prevent or prevent dyes from penetrating the fabric with chemical agents or waxy resins, the purpose of which is to dye the background color to bring out the white pattern. Note that the result is the same as that of discharge printing fabric, but the method to achieve this result is the opposite of discharge printing.

The application of the anti-dyeing printing method is not universal, and it is generally used when the background color cannot be discharged. Compared with the basis of large-scale production, most of the anti-dye printing is achieved through methods such as handicraft or hand printing (such as wax anti-printing).

Because discharge printing and anti-dye printing produces the same printing effect, they are often not distinguished by naked eye observation.

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