Precautions for selecting a Blowing Moulding Machine

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Precautions for selecting a Blowing Moulding Machine

Posted By preform nicole     August 1, 2018    


If you want to produce products in batches quickly, then using a Blowing Moulding Machine is a good choice. However, there are some things to be aware of in the selection of the blow molding machine. Doing a good job of preparing in advance can have a multiplier effect!

Quality Standard

Plastic blowers can meet a number of different national quality standards. If you plan to ship plastic molded products internationally, you need to ensure that the company adheres to international quality standards. Ask questions about the quality of the equipment and the company's ability to fulfill orders.

In addition, ask the blow molding company if there is an appropriate framework or program, such as the Advanced Product Quality Program (APQP), to help you understand how the company values ​​quality and performance planning. If they have a quality assurance program and their ISO certification is critical to your long-term plan, please ask your new potential partner.
Production capacity

How do you know if the molder has the production capacity you need? The type and quantity of machines offered by the molder will be the determining factor. In terms of tonnage, the size of the machine determines the size and complexity of the parts the company can manufacture. The number of presses within the specified tonnage range of the manufacturer also determines the capacity problem.

This can affect your overall production costs. The number of machines your molder has can determine your decision.

Value-added production services and the robustness of identifying potential partner partner services can also influence your decision making. It is important if you need to access the design, prototyping and assembly aids of these services through mold partners. Most importantly, understanding the company's emphasis on quality work should be the most concerned issue, and whether there are professional research on plastic parts such as Plastic Cap.
Previous work

It is always a good idea to ask future company recommendations. If your potential molder doesn't have a work combination for you to look at, this can be a dangerous sign. Before signing a contract, please feel free to contact some of their customers and view their work examples.

Ask questions about the process used to display the examples. Although they may not disclose the "secret" of their methods, future companies should be able to reveal general information such as:

What machine is used?
Which plastic is used?
What is the turnaround time?

Material familiarity

Whether you need FDA-approved plastic or other types of materials, asking your potential partners to fulfill your order is a key part of your decision.

If the company has the resin experience you need and is currently molding the materials you need, you can be more confident in meeting your needs. In addition, if they already use these materials, they can pass on more competitive material costs by leveraging the larger purchases of their material suppliers.
customer service

If you are not looking for a long-term relationship, finding a company that can provide you with first-class customer service is invaluable. Good customer service is the glue that brings business relationships together. Make sure you have a reliable point of contact that can help you throughout the process.
Strategic fit

What type of partner are you looking for?
Do you want to establish a short-term or long-term relationship with your new blow molder partner?
What is the company's reputation in the industry?
Does your company have shared values?

It's also helpful to understand how they work with others and understand the types of companies they have worked with in the past.
When choosing a blow molding machine, the above six points are something you need to consider carefully. If you still don't know how to choose a reliable blow molding machine partner after reading it, you may want to learn about Jilian mold. We have professional production technology, plastic bottles, plastic tubes, Plastic Handle, etc. Can make you feel satisfied.