Reddit users respond to EA about the money needed to create the FUT dream team in Fifa 21.
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    • Last updated June 3, 2021
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Reddit users respond to EA about the money needed to create the FUT dream team in Fifa 21.

Posted By Dhaval DZ     June 3, 2021    


Fifa 21 FUT Dream Team: Reddit users respond to EA's question about how much money is required to create the FUT dream team.A recent Reddit thread has sparked a lot of interest.In FIFA 21 coins, the Redditor discusses how much time and money it took him to build his dream team.

EA FIFA Ultimate Team is a fun game to play because it allows players to collect cards of their favorite players.Players must grind for hours on end, which can take a long time and require a great deal of effort.While EA claims that spending more time playing will help players get their dream team, a recent Reddit thread has debunked that theory.

ScudzTV recently tweeted that acquiring his dream team would cost him 22,000 hours, or £80,000.This is a nearly impossible task, and the tweet has sparked interest from fans all over the world.

The above-mentioned tweet is the first of a series of seven from ScudzTV in response to EA's claim that FUT Dream Team can be completed with little more than time and without spending a lot of money.He goes on to say that it costs 100 million coins and that players must spend 22,000 hours in-game to obtain it.

EA's claims about FUT Dream Team get a response on Reddit.

A Reddit thread has sprung up in response to this tweet, in which users argue that EA's FUT Dream Team is nothing more than FIFA 21 coins with a dash of gameplay thrown in.This FIFA coins shop will take you to the complete thread.

A player will need to play the game for nearly 7 months to acquire ScudzTv's dream FUT team.This also implies that you must play nonstop for the duration of the game.They will only be able to obtain the necessary number of coins by doing so.

I wrote a guide on passing and creating space a few years ago with the intention of writing guides on various aspects of the game.Unfortunately, I quickly grew dissatisfied with the game and stopped playing Fifa 18-20 very early in the cycle.I wasn't planning on getting 21, but the addition of creative runs swayed my opinion; I believe it's a huge step in the right direction for creating a skill gap.The first guide will essentially be a repeat of the first, with more clips added to clarify my points.Anyway, let's try again!