How To Earn ACNH Bells Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

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How To Earn ACNH Bells Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Posted By Dhaval DZ     December 29, 2020    


One of the essential keys in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in order not to make the adventure painful, is to have enough ACNH bells, the in-game currency. We explain in our article how to never run out.

If you've ever played the previous installments of the license, you're not going to be out of place. But for new players, we'll explain some practical basics!

Nook's Cranny: Your chance to find collectibles at double price throughout the day. The drop-off boxes only returned 80% of the value of what you donated during the night. Try to save your high priced items in order to get Bell Coupons when the store opens.

To manage inventory wise, you're playing at night, but you don't want to suffer losses because of drop-off box fees, but also need more inventory space to keep catching/digging. Make sure you store Animal Crossing items you want to sell in your house, or in an accessible location like in front of Nook's Cranny. It doesn't matter if you leave stuff on the sidewalk, people won't have any problem with it. Make sure to collect all of it before you sell it.

There are no pitfalls to the task at hand, keep making achievements, keep digging, keep trying. They get paid a lot of money for that.

Discover where the gold is buried. Since this occurrence is only temporary in nature, instead of digging it up immediately, make sure you have 1,000 bells on you, remove 10,000 bells from your total Bell count and bury them instead. You'll have more fruit tree this way.

While you're receiving the fruit from a friend, a relative, or other source, make sure you're planting the first three fruit first. Most of the farmers want to grow new fruit in order to make money. Coconuts are cheaper to buy, though.

Don't forget to bring something back from your trip. Instead of just shaking the tree for fruit, eat a piece of fruit and go back to completely decimate the tree. So bring your tree back and plant it on your island. This is much faster that waiting for a ACNH fruit tree to grow, and if you have already grown or planted fruit, you can still sell it.

Better to prioritize fishing over bug catching, as you can catch better fish.

"Be diligent when working." C.J. is in town - if you see C.J., then make sure you are packed for a full day of fishing. Once this otter completes the challenge, he will buy all your fish at a premium!. Get an entire fishing rod and follow it up a couple of times. All of his prices can be found on the Fish page.

To optimize fishing experience, stay near the ocean while fishing. Explore all of the beach to get whatever shell you can get.

Don't forget to save Bells on Bell save! You might happen to get a little bit of interest in a savings account every now and then.