Introduce The Product Characteristics Of Flannel Cationic Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer

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Introduce The Product Characteristics Of Flannel Cationic Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     June 9, 2021    


There are many new fabrics on the market, so do you have a certain understanding of the flannel cationic jacquard fabric produced by the flannel cationic jacquard fabric manufacturer ?

Cationic fabrics are mainly made of polyester, and polyester fiber is the main type of chemical fiber. Although it is not as good as natural fiber spots, it has no harm to the body and has certain benefits, but the conventional chemical fiber does not affect the body. In addition, the conventional cationic special dyes are not harmful to the human body, so the cationic fabric is not harmful to the body. The flannel fabric is clean and generous, the plush is relatively fine and dense, the fabric is thick, the cost is high, and the warmth is good. Moreover, the two-color effect of cationic fabrics, using this feature, can replace several yarn-dyed two-color fabrics, reducing the cost of fabrics.

Of course, the flannel cationic jacquard fabric can also be used to make quilts. The printed quilt manufacturer also choose flannel cationic jacquard fabric as the raw material for the printed quilt.