Metal Jacketed Gaskets-good elastic pressure and corrosion resistance

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Metal Jacketed Gaskets-good elastic pressure and corrosion resistance

Posted By xinjia shaoxing     June 14, 2021    


  Metal Jacketed Gaskets-good elastic pressure and corrosion resistance

  Metal Jacketed Gaskets are composed of soft fillers encapsulated in metal materials. The filler material provides compressibility and elasticity, while the sheath provides compressive strength and burst resistance.

  Metal Jacketed Gaskets are specially designed and widely used in heat exchangers, autoclaves, towers, pressure vessels, flues, boilers, gas mains, valve covers, pumps and similar services.

  Most Metal Jacketed Gaskets are provided in round form, but they can be manufactured into other shapes to meet individual requirements.

  Features of Metal Jacketed Gaskets

  Suitable for narrow flanges; good blow-out resistance; metal sheath covering the filling material can prevent pollution; suitable for high temperature; ensure high elasticity and recovery; almost any size and shape can be modal; economical and perfect sealing stability Performance; easy to operate and install; suitable for high temperature; suitable for narrow flanges

  The classic application of Metal Jacketed Gaskets

  Sealing of heat exchangers; pipe flanges; boilers and process equipment; valve cover gaskets; autoclaves;

  High-pressure oilfield drilling and production equipment; pressure vessels; natural gas and chemical plants.

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