The metal key box provides multiple key hooks for your keys

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The metal key box provides multiple key hooks for your keys

Posted By gerui huangyan     June 23, 2021    


  Features of metal key box:

  This metal key box has three sizes of 40, 48 and 6 key slots for you to choose from-a perfect solution for organizing all your keys conveniently and safely;

  The metal key box provides 40, 48 and 6 key hooks for your keys, and is equipped with key tags, making it easy to organize;

  The metal key box is completely made of metal, which can provide years of reliable use. The heavy-duty steel and scratch-resistant finish provide long-term durability and years of use;

  The continuous piano hinge keeps the door and the cabinet consistent, providing years of reliable use. At the same time, the key lock has two access keys to ensure convenience and protection;

  Many companies need to store multiple metal key boxes every day. This cabinet is ideal for property managers, car dealers and repair shops, organizations that provide valet parking services, or people who have a lot of keys in hand and need to make sure they are safe.


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