Prepare your Commercial Water Dispenser

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Prepare your Commercial Water Dispenser

Posted By zhuoyue cixi     June 27, 2021    


  Disinfection of Commercial Water Dispenser

  Make your cleaning (disinfection) solution

  Before you start disinfecting the interior of the Commercial Water Dispenser, you need to develop a solution for this job. (Please note that you can also buy a cleaning solution specifically for drinking fountains online, but its effect is not better than using your own products). Take 15 milliliters of 5% odorless bleach and mix it with clean water at 5 warmings up. Before using bleach in the cooler, make sure that the bleach is approved for use on food contact surfaces.

  Prepare your Commercial Water Dispenser

  To ensure that your Commercial Water Dispenser is safe and ready for cleaning, unplug it from the power socket and remove the empty water bottle. There may still be some water in the cooler, which needs to be drained from a plug (called a tap) in the system. Remove the baffle and drip tray and set them aside for cleaning in the sink or dishwasher.

  Fill the cooler tank with your cleaning fluid

  Carefully pour the cleaning liquid into the water tank in the cooler. Take a long-bristled brush, such as a brush, and use it to scrub the inner wall and bottom of the water tank. Choose a brush with soft bristles to avoid damaging the reservoir during the cleaning process.

  Drain the cleaning fluid

  Drain some cleaning solution from the socket, and then let it stand for 2 minutes to allow the solution to clean the inside of the socket. Do not leave the solution in the machine for more than 5 minutes, as corrosion may occur. Pour the remaining solution into the bucket and then into the toilet.

  Fill the water tank with clean tap water or bottled water

  To properly rinse the cleaning fluid, fill the water tank 3 times with clean tap water or bottled water, and drain the water through the faucet each time. After the last drop of water is drained, you can clean and replace the removed components, and then add a new water bottle to the device.

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