How is GUNPOWDER 3505 Made?

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How is GUNPOWDER 3505 Made?

Posted By baoda henry     June 28, 2021    


Both frying and steaming are processes that inhibit oxidation of GUNPOWDER 3505 leaves and still used today from China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. However, with the passage of time and the introduction of more modern technology, the process of making green tea has gradually evolved and became very refined.

Like in all industries this has been primarily driven by the need to improve efficiencies, reducing costs but also a growing worldwide demand for healthier organic loose tea, flavoured iced tea drinks and Japanese matcha tea powder.

Today, fixing of green tea leaves is a highly refined process that makes use of cooking techniques like roasting and baking in a hot wok, for a short period - this means in essence quickly halting the deterioration or wilting of the freshly picked leaves, which means the leaves are then preserved in this state for a number of years before starting to loose freshness.

With the demand for high-quality, provenance and organic; there is a resurgence of small artisan growers who are producing some delicious teas: a welcome change from mass production, back to the traditions of the Chinese tea masters of old.

If you are interested in GUNPOWDER 3505 AAA, welcome to your come and purchase!